We’re slipping into fallmost, almost fall, the not-quite season. Perhaps you think of it as notumn, not autumn. Whatever you call it…

Fallmost has a certain wistfulness, a sweet, fleeting uncertainty. It’s warm rather than hot, soft rather than sultry. Early quitter leaves flutter to the ground, and fallmost doesn’t know what to do with them. Indian summer rides through, and fallmost is afraid to ask it to stay.

Unlike the big seasons, it isn’t sure what to feel. It knows it can’t remain the same. It longs for change, but is afraid to welcome change, knowing it will bring an end to that which is familiar, if imperfect.

The imperfectly familiar. That’s where fallmost lives. And where we live.

But it’s not where we were meant to live.

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19 Responses to Fallmost

  1. Nice play with the words, Mitch. I think I am living a life that I wasn’t meant to live, but I made my choices so.. 😦

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  2. nancyehead says:

    Fallmost! I love it! It’s to be nearly 80 degrees here today and tomorrow. Ready for cooler nights and more baked goods.

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  3. bob martin says:

    love the term “fallmost” Wistful is a great description. Melancholy also seems appropriate. Is some of the wistfulness because we have come to the end of another summer and we did not accomplish quite all we had intended, either responsibilities (re-work the flower garden) or recreation (take that trip to the Rockies.)

    If we were not meant to live in the imperfectly familiar, where were we meant to live?

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  4. Interesting thoughts, reminds me of times in life when you complete something, yet the new beginning has not started yet. It is a kind of transition, a time to collect your thoughts reminiscences and prepare for the new start. In Croatia, we call this time of year “bablje ljeto” (“granny summer”) which is an allusion to the Czech term “babi leti”. It describes spiderwebs which exist only in autumn. The Czechs were reminded of the gray hair of their grandmas and came up with a term

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  5. That’s awesome play on words! I love fall… I love something in every season!

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  6. kakymc says:

    “The imperfectly familiar.” Yes. Change makes me anxious, but I like to think that when the imperfect has passed away (and me with it), the Perfect will wrap round and warm me like my favorite blanket, only better.

    Thanks for this!

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  7. Beautiful description of season’s transition…and I love the way you apply it to pur transitions as well. Quietly powerful, Mitch!

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  8. Beautiful thoughts, with the opportunity to expand. This helps one to understand that this is only temporary. Thank you for the great words.

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  10. carhicks says:

    An interesting quote. I believe my eternal home will be even more beautiful than fall and all the amazing colours.

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  11. Eric M says:

    I read this to my teenage daughter, Autumn. She really liked it. Thanks

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