Something Wonderfully Wrong

Today is our 33rd anniversary, and I’m reblogging this post from two years back. Why? Because I’m hurrying to get ready for my date with this amazing woman I met when…     Oh, just read the post.

Mitch Teemley

trudy2-1982I met this girlwho loved God and Shakespeare (in that order). She was smart. Creative. And as pretty as English china. Outwardly decorous, inwardly stubborn—Jane Austen meets the Rebel Alliance. I thought I’d found heaven. I had and I hadn’t. At first we flared up like a firework stand, but then we got scared and put on our flak jackets.

We were a mismatch. She was a soft-spoken church girl who’d secretly turned away from God, then privately clawed her way back to Him; I was a former atheist with too much personality and a very public passion for God. But somehow we thought we could make it work. Same God, same Shakespeare, and yet it wasn’t enough. After two tumultuous years of dancing in flak jackets, we gave up. We’d apparently done something wrong.

Four months later I ran into her at the same coffee house we’d gone to…

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31 Responses to Something Wonderfully Wrong

  1. The Lord bless your new year of life, together in Christ—Happy Anniversary!

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  2. Relax... says:

    Congrats all over again! 🙂

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  3. barbara runck says:

    Happy Anniversary Sounds like you have a wonderful marriage!


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  4. Roos Ruse says:

    Congratulations and best wishes for a joyful celebration, Mitch and Trudy.

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  5. Happy anniversary! That was beautiful 😊

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  6. SarahC says:

    congratulations, something about opposites or some such just seems to happen alot doesnt it!

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  7. maggiesmith205 says:


    Much Love and Blessings, Maggie Smith


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  8. Tina says:

    Awwwww. Congrats!

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  9. Re-Farmer says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

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  10. Crissy says:

    Awesome! What a blessing!

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  11. brunniegetchell says:

    Both of you are blessed to have each other ….congratulations 🙂

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  12. M.B. Henry says:

    Happy anniversary!

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  13. smzang says:

    I am slow to this; the day has passed but it is a treat to read it again.
    Wishing you many, many more. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating…
    You are a blest man.

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  14. The best love stories are the true ones.  Congrats to U both.

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