The Juice of Life

I bought some tiny but delicious champagne grapes recently, and my wife accused me of eating “preemies.”


You see why I could never have married anyone else?larg-heart_450x450_acf_cropped

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10 Responses to The Juice of Life

  1. LOL! Preemies, that’s quite funny. I have champagne grapes…somewhere beneath the raspberries, hiding behind the blackberries. I think we’d need a herd of goats before we could find them. My backyard is now like a jungle few dare to traverse…..

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  2. revruss1220 says:

    Sounds like a match made in heaven.

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  3. She’s hilarious! Love it!!

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  4. Had your wife considered that may have consumed Dwarf Adult Grapes?

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  5. TEP336 says:

    My day isn’t complete until my wife has roasted me at least once. It seems like you have a similar relationship with yours.

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  6. Solacebrother/blogspot says:

    I think I wanna share this on my blog

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