Monogamy Is Not Natural!


“Friends say to me a lot, ‘Monogamy is not natural.’  And I always, say, ‘Well, neither are toilets, but when you don’t use them, things get very messy.’” ~Andrew Gurland (creator of the TV series Married)

My wife and I are known for having a strong marriage. And it’s true, we do. But what’s not true is that things “just worked out” (our wedding counselor advised us not to marry because of our differences), or that we simply “got lucky” and found our soulmate and so don’t have to work at it. Hah!

There are three persons in this relationship. And our marriage works because we are both doggedly devoted to that third person: Us. 

So, yes, it’s true, monogamy is not natural.

It’s supernatural.

(Mark 10:8-9)

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33 Responses to Monogamy Is Not Natural!

  1. Forrest Pasky says:

    This is a great post.
    Monogamy may not be natural, but the benefit is worth the effort.

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  2. citybanjaran says:

    You are blessed to have a supportive partner who believes in the idea of ‘us’.

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  3. Draven Reign says:

    Nice simile and great post Mr. Mitch.

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  4. This is very interesting. You have to work on everything that you want to be successful in this life.

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  5. After 45 years of marriage, I can only say, “AMEN!” I think making men and women so different is God’s way of making us WORK at being understanding (and tolerant of things we DON’T understand), persistent, introspective and honest with ourselves, willing to change, flexible, self-sacrificing, patient, mature, and in the end, joyful with the joy that only comes with maturity.

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  6. schoen55 says:

    So very true. There is an old book that actually was my parents. It was written by the Arcbishop Fulton J Sheen as an inspiring guide to love and Marriage. It is called Three to Get Married. Man, Woman and God. The supernatural is The Holy Trinity.

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  7. Yes, it takes work, self-sacrifice, and a sense of humor to make a marriage thrive!

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  8. Amen. I agree after 56 years married.

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  9. Deb Farris says:

    So nice, Mitch. So refreshing.

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  10. smzang says:

    I really like the quote from Mr. Gurland. It is hilarious and true.

    I like the quote “And our marriage works because we are both doggedly devoted to that third person: Us. ” from Mr. Teemley even better. It has beauty in its truth.

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  11. Lauren Macdonald says:

    I like this Mitch, there is nothing natural about most jobs either andI think marriage is a lot like a job. Enjoying your job takes a, positive attitude, creativity, hard work, personal development, training and regularly reinventing your role to keep things fresh, working to get promoted, negotiating, doing well enough to get paid more etc.
    Hating your job means letting yourself get stuck going nowhere on a treadmill and hating it, on the other hand or you could get yourself fired. Neither or which are good for you. All of them are influenced by the suitability of the job you chose in the first place but ultimately it’s up to you to make it awesome or not.

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  12. Beautifully written.

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  13. I proposed to my wife on our second date and we have been married for almost 30 years. But we had to work hard to get past certain points

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  14. Wayne says:

    Good stuff, sir 🙌🏽🙌🏽!!

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  15. Nancy Ruegg says:

    Kudos to you and Trudy for being devoted to the concept of “US,” and depending on God to make it a satisfying reality!

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  16. Having sex with as many people as possible may feel “natural” but it is not moral because the consequences can be devastating, i.e., STDs, abortions, and fatherless children.

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  17. Julie G says:

    Like this post very much. Glad that it works for you x

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  18. I like it. I like how you put that. I write about my wife & I being “sole” mates in this: Grace to you.

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