Ticket to Heaven?

candleoflove-o9ko3xReal faith, life-changing faith, isn’t legal, it’s relational. So if you’re asking, “How do I get into heaven?” you’re asking the wrong question. Heaven is God’s home, as it were, and the way to “get in” isn’t to pick the lock (complete some arduous task) or learn the combination (believe all the right things).      It’s to be his child.

“To all who received Him, He gave the right to become children of God.”  ~John 1:12

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25 Responses to Ticket to Heaven?

  1. Sandi Staton says:

    Isn’t it amazing how many of us feel we have to do something to earn our way into heaven when Jesus has already done it through His death, burial, and resurrection. All we have to do is believe and entrust our lives to Him.

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  2. David Cosier says:

    Receiving Him is what it’s all about.

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  3. carhicks says:

    Wow Mitch, so simple, yet hard to achieve for so many. I love this post.

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  4. numrhood says:

    john 1:37 nothing is impossible

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  5. It’s not something we have to do, but something we have to become. Luckily for us we are all already children of God. We simply need to remember. Great post.

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  6. GodGirl says:

    I love this thought! Powerful.

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  7. I love the way you express it, Mitch! You make it so clear, and easy to understand! Wonderful!

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  8. John Sayers says:

    How do I get to Heaven? I wish that were the question I would hear the most. Your answer was spot on. In the jail I am asked for prayer more then questions. Take a wild guess what the number 1 prayer request is, and it is not How do I get to heaven. In the religious world I have found folks asking more Why would God who is so loving send anyone to Hell? I do have a response and I bet you do as well. My concern is when that question is asked is more do they really want to hear the answer, that God does NOT send anyone to hell but that is our choice or are they sharing a honest question.

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    I like this. What do you think?

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  10. ellie894 says:

    Beautifully said 🌷

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  11. Nancy Ruegg says:

    Such an unbelievable privilege, to become a child of the King of the universe. We are downright pitiful compared to him, yet he desires to be in relationship with us (Revelation 3:20). Even before we reach heaven he offers help, guidance, protection, provision, strength, joy, and peace–to name a few blessings. He IS an awesome God beyond comprehension (Psalm 47:2)!

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  12. John S says:

    Hi Mitch are you going to the reunion? If so could you give me a call or email me back with your phone number I wanted to ask you something.  My office number cell number is 559 805 0220. When I am in the jail it will not ring but you can leave a message.  Today I will be at a meeting from 11-1 outside the jail but I will have my phone off, but again you can still leave a message. Thanks John Sayers

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  13. Tim Carroll says:

    Good word Mitch. John 17:3 describes “eternal life” as knowing Jesus. Not knowing “of” Jesus, but “knowing Jesus”. To know Jesus personally, intimately, and relationally is eternal life here and now and forever going forward.
    Always appreciate your posts. Thank you.

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