Why (at Least) One Bad Thing Happened

Two years ago I spoke about the way God uses unexpected and even disastrous events in our lives for ultimate good. I’m in the midst of some tumultuous events at the moment, so it seemed to like a good time to revisit these observations. May you be blessed in the unexpected! ~Mitch

Mitch Teemley


 Why Life Isn’t Fair (a series of sorts)

I don’t often get a sense of “why bad things happen.” You know, the “senseless” stuff you didn’t plan on and most likely would not have put in a requisition order for—illness, lost income, the death of a friend. But last fall I got a glimpse of what purpose at least one bad thing may have served.

My car was entering the final curve on a nearby hill when the tail lights on the vehicle in front of me lit up. No big, I was already starting to brake anyway. Except that this guy was braking harder than me. Way harder. So I pressed down with maximum verve and angled my steering wheel toward the median to avoid any inappropriate bumper intimacy. This maneuver should have been enough, but slick yellow median paint is not traction-friendly stuff. My car’s wheels locked and…

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11 Responses to Why (at Least) One Bad Thing Happened

  1. celia says:

    i hope you soon see how your current tumultuous times can be a blessing.

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  2. nikibarlow says:

    Lifting you and your family up in prayer.

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  3. neelstoria says:

    Totally agree. I wholeheartedly believe in that too. And at the moment I am also in the middle of some tumultuous events in my life. I know for sure there’s a bigger picture that I cannot see now. It reminds me of a story that I heard sometime – A mom was sitting on her couch doing embroidery, the child playing on the floor asks, ‘what are you doing?’, ‘I am making a flower’, says the mom. Child says, ‘I don’t believe you, all I see is an untidy entanglement’. The child is us in life and mom is God above who’s spinning a beautiful picture above though it may seem all clutter to us from here.

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  4. Beautiful, Mitch! I once went sliding on an icy parking lot right towards this beautiful green Jaguar. I finally came to a stop about an inch away. What I’ll never forget was the grace on this man’s face, the bemused interest, the complete lack of concern that I was about to smash his lovely car. First thing he did was come over and say, “Are you okay? That looked scary.” To this day in the midst of those tumultuous life moments, I see that man’s face and remember his kindness.

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  5. Ron Huston says:

    Yes . That seems to be happening to me right now. Hopefully things will soon smooth out.

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  6. pkadams says:

    I just posted a story of how God used our house burning down to change our direction in life. I didn’t say as well as you, but I tried. 🙂 Praying for peace during your difficult times.

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