Haiku! You’re Welcome!


This is probably
the only haiku poem
I will ever write

No, it’s not, I lied
plus, I’m breaking a rule–I’m
ending on a rhyme


can-you-haiku-webFirst line has five syl-
lables, then seven more, and
then five more. Boom. Done.



Haikus are supposed
to paint word pictures. Not this
one–it’s defective



“Haiku” sort of sounds
like “thank you” with your mouth full
I just noticed that


You’re welcome.

About mitchteemley

Writer, Filmmaker, Humorist, Thinker-about-stuffer
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27 Responses to Haiku! You’re Welcome!

  1. lbeth1950 says:

    it’s the best one I every saw.

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  2. Very nice. “Haiku,” she said, while eating lunch.

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  3. cat9984 says:

    Very nice. I am the world’s worst haiku writer: I’m much too verbose. 🙂

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  4. @vapor_sage says:

    Thank you, Mitch, you’re a treasure

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  5. Jo Martin says:

    Why write this Haiku?
    There must have been a reason.
    I don’t know. Do You?

    (From Bob Martin. Jo’s husband

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  6. sanseilife says:

    Oh my gosh! Haiku also sounds like a sneeze so…. God Bless You!

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  7. NAH! HAIKU sounds like a sneeze!

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  8. johnlmalone says:

    I love the playfulness of this, Mitch; it’s a quality I admire and, at times, try to emulate:)

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  9. I guess that you have said it best.

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  10. My Way Home Life says:

    My favorite haiku poetry ever.😊

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  11. smzang says:

    My favorite haiku in all the world is Basho’s frog haiku.
    But I have to admit your American ‘kus come in a close second.

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  12. ataraxissoul says:

    That’s lit af. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I also write Haikus, poetry every now and then. Please have a look whenever you have time. 🙂

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