5 Year Old Exposes Truth About Barney!

Cute-newborn-baby-girls-clothesMy daughter Mandy was born smart. If she’d known English the day she was born, I’m sure she’d have explained to the obstetrician that he was doing it all wrong.

By the time she was two that oversight had been corrected. At a supermarket she asked, “Daddy, may I please have a cherry popsicle?”

A harried looking shopper observed, gobsmacked, “That toddler just used a complete sentence!”

“Of course,” I said, “she knows a proper sentence needs a subject, object, and a verb.”


Then Mandy asked the lady if she would like a hug.  Because, you see, my daughter wasn’t just smart, she was also deeply perceptive.

latestSo it came as no surprise that one day, at age five, while she was dancing along with TV philosopher Barney the Dinosaur, she had a profound epiphany. She’d been singing an insipid self-esteem ditty with him that went,

“I’m special!  You’re special!  Everybody’s special!”

when she suddenly stopped mid-kick-ball-change and asked, “Daddy?”

“Yes, darling?”

“If everybody’s special, doesn’t that mean ‘special’ is just ordinary?”

She still loved the gentle purple dunder-lizard, but was dubious about his wisdom after that. (Personally, I suspect it takes more than a little fermented grape juice to remain that color day in and day out.)

chucke-cheese-large1One year later, we celebrated Mandy’s sixth birthday at Chuck E. Cheese’s. She’d just finished giving the big cheese a compassionate hug when she took me aside and announced, “He’s not real.”

“He’s not?”

“No, there’s someone inside.”

“Really?  Who?”


The gig was up. She’d figured out that, lacking any real depth as a sage, Barney had plummeted in the ratings and been forced to moonlight as a pizza-pushing rat.

That was when I knew my own days as a mentor were numbered.

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36 Responses to 5 Year Old Exposes Truth About Barney!

  1. atimetoshare.me says:

    Such grand perception ❤️

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  2. HAT says:

    Indeed. This is what comes of imprecision in language. Everyone is unique. People can almost always find a good reason to be happy about that.

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  3. Twinkletoes says:

    Personally, I think most kids are smarter than they get credit for. They just don’t want to embarrass us, so they play along. 😉

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  4. I am so glad she explained Chuck E. – I’ve wonder about him for years.

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  5. Lol…Smart youn-un you got there…

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  6. nancyehead says:

    Out of the mouths of babes–comes such great stuff!

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  7. smzang says:

    This proves to me that girls mature faster than boys.
    My son’s 9th birthday party was at Chuck E. Cheese’s…
    a 3 year differential in development.

    I’m betting that your days as mentor of Mandy will never end!
    Sounds like you’ve done well.

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  8. tiostib says:

    Delightful story!

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  9. Nancy Ruegg says:

    Such a perceptive child as Mandy develops in a nurturing environment; nature is rarely enough. Kudos, Mitch and Trudy!

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  10. carhicks says:

    I love it. My grandson is like that as well, Sometimes I worry that he is too wise. She sounds adorable though. How old is this smart cookie now?

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  11. So often kids provide us adults with insight we don’t see. I am glad Mandy could finally explain the truth about Barney and Chuck E.

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  12. That’s one bright little lady!

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  13. We reap what we sow. A parent’s joy is when they discover that their child is a real person. At that point mentoring becomes crucial. Another great offering by Mitch.

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  14. revruss1220 says:

    Great story. She is a sharp one, indeed. I would never have made that connection. Please thank her for opening my eyes.

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  15. So laughing! Poor Barney got de-moted! 😀

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  16. Sounds like something my youngest daughter would have said. Lol

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  17. celia says:

    Brilliant! (Mandy, that is!)

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  18. Too funny. If everyone is special, it’s just ordinary! My youngest has downs syndrome. My 5 year old and I used to discuss disabilities a lot, until he explained to me that everyone has their own disabilities…and brother having downs is not so different after all. Gotta love kids. Life would be grand if they ran the world.

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  19. pkadams says:

    I LOVE funny kids! My youngest and very quiet son is quite witty and my oldest who talks too much is just plain funny. He was also talking in complete sentences and using long words as a toddler. I think I gave him too much attention by reading books to him all the time.

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  20. She must be a great observer to begin with. Even as a kid, she had a great understanding of life. Loved the post 🙂

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  23. I love your story of Mandy’s perspicacity at such a young age!


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