The Wishing Map 112

Have you ever feared the you you might become?

Mitch Teemley

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The Wishing Map

Chapter Twenty-Two: Everything (Continued)

Previously: Buigor, the coach’s hired guard, began teaching Gina how to use her broadsword.

⇔ ⇔ ⇔

Two hours after her first sword practice, Gina crawled, every muscle moaning, into the coach’s empty front cabin and buried herself in her book of Frengan history. Her mood began to lighten when she read about Farnottien the Fair, a newlywed whose husband had died in the Third Holosian Rebellion. Fifteen year old Farnottien had single-handedly defeated an entire garrison of Holosian soldiers (using all of the brutal sword cuts Buigor had shown Gina), and then, as if that weren’t enough, had found a dragon’s egg and become the first dragonmeer!

Gina also read about P’leusa the Perceptive, a chieftain of old D’nair who’d had fourteen extra eyes implanted into his head…

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