Now You can Learn Your Actual Name!

I love those charts that reveal your Pirate Name or Mythical Hero Name, etc. So I made up the ultimate one! Now you can learn your Actual Name!©  Just follow the guidelines below. Have fun and don’t forget to tell your friends how to discover their Actual Name!©

Actual Name gameI’ve been told I have an absurd sense of humor. But I think that’s just mean, don’t you?

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39 Responses to Now You can Learn Your Actual Name!

  1. LOL, this is a little funny

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  2. Deborah Ann says:

    Yep, this one made me chuckle. We need more good, clean, absurd senses of humor these days . . . so thank you for yours Mitch. ~ Blessings ~

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  3. trE says:

    Haha. Well, there it is. Lol.

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  4. @vapor_sage says:

    Sheesh, Thanks Mitch I might have never known

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  5. but, but, I don’t like my actual name – I’d rather use my pirate name …

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  6. Merry Lark says:

    I love your sense of humor! Delightful!

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  7. Almost spooky in its accuracy, huh? lol!

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  8. Susan Taylor Brand says:

    LOL! All right then Mitch get ahold of yourself now ….

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  9. Mairi says:


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  10. I got to picking my first letter and realized it. I howled with laughter. That is a good one. I appreciate your sense of humor

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  11. says:

    And I almost fell for it😳. That happens with age I guess. Thanks for the chuckle

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  12. Actually , my actual name is Mademoiselle X.
    Actually my actual name is Mademoiselle x. Not a lot of people know this.

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  13. ellie894 says:

    Wow, my name is my name…who knew?!😊

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  14. Squid says:

    “…and bored games” 😂😂😂

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  15. Sara says:

    Me: *re-reads it more than once trying to figure out what she missed* Oh.

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  16. Genius, pure, unadulterated, genius. Grins.

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  17. Crissy says:

    Lol…love the genius ! BRILLIANT !!

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  18. I must have done it wrong. I kept spelling my first and last name and still got my first and last name. I need enlightenment.

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  19. toutparmoi says:

    I didn’t try it. I make a point of not knowing my actual name. Other people’s names have always been good enough for me. They come in really handy when you get arrested.

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