Call Me Forrest


My daughter calls me Forrest Gump. She has this theory that I’ve not only met most of the world’s famous people, but that I (accidentally) caused most of the major events of the 20th century. Silly, I know. All I can say is, “Daughters are like a box of chocolates…” 

I did once meet a motherlode of celebrities in a single night, however.

As a young actor trying to drum up a career, I’d launched a street theatre group called The Right Pithee Players. We performed at a few Renaissance festivals, but weren’t setting the medieval (or modern) world ablaze. Until one day…

We got a call from Walt Disney Studios. They were planning their 50th anniversary celebration and had chosen a Renaissance theme. The back lot would be inundated with maypoles, minstrels and mead. Someone at Disney had seen me do my Right Pithee Players character, a boastful bard named Peter Pratfall, and decided he would be the perfect host. So “he” was hired to emcee, as well as mingle and amuse with the Pithees. I quickly re-wrote the script in my schticky style, and was in the performers’ tent getting ready, when I ran into…

Mickey Mouse! Who was, in fact, a cigar chomping four-foot-tall guy with a gravelly Brooklyn accent (you can’t make this stuff up). It was his first night back on the job after a two month suspension. It seems he’d been “leading” a marching band and stopping to shake hands. And each time he did, the real drum major would march on, forcing him to run to catch-up. Mickey had had enough. So he raced up to the drum major and—in front of roughly 10,000 fans—kicked him where the sun don’t shine.

During my emceeing, I began to name some of the celebrities present (Julie Andrews, Robert Redford, Carol Burnett, the Mickeys: Rooney and Mouse), and boasted that I could do a spot-on Cary Grant impression.

Later, as I mingled, a little girl sitting on her father’s lap asked me to talk like Cary Grant. So I did. She giggled. And then her father, whom I hadn’t looked up at until then, remarked, “Say, you do me pretty well.” We traded Cary Grant impressions until Mr. Grant finally conceded that mine was superior, and promised to do it my way from then on.

Call me Forrest.

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28 Responses to Call Me Forrest

  1. What a fun and enchanting read. Loved how your daughters are like a box of chocolates. Very cute. 🙂

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  2. Micki Allen says:

    Now that was a truly delightful posting, Mitch. XOX

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  3. Forrest Pasky says:

    People call me Forrest.
    For obvious reasons.
    Great piece Mitch. 😉

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  4. Love it. Great story!

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  5. Thank you. I needed a funny pick-me-up on a dreary Monday morning. Take care…..Mr Gump.

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  6. LOL! Well said. Smart daughter, too.

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  7. jrusoloward says:

    Lol! My sister-in-law calls for husband Forrest for the same reason. I hate the movie (it’s my son’s favorite, we argue about it all the time).

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  8. Candy Lebby says:

    Aw a very cute piece…

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  9. smzang says:

    You should write a book.. : )

    I believe your winding trail was surely by divine design.

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  10. amycloud says:

    Enjoyed this piece very much!

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  11. nabomitadas says:

    just made me reading your blogs

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  12. Love it. You and my husband are similar in that between the two of you, you probably know absolutely EVERYONE! 😉 Wonderful post, Mitch!

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  13. alslaff says:

    Excellent! What a sweet story! Thanks, Mitch.

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  14. cricketmuse says:

    love the Cary Grant episode

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  15. Jennie says:

    What a great story!!!

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  16. toutparmoi says:

    An unseasonably chilly morning here, but I clean forgot to shiver while I was reading this delightful post!

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  17. gpavants says:

    Hi Mitch,

    What a great compliment! The Lord give you many doors to influence media and society. I know you are a busy man, but I have a little request. The Lord put it on my heart to start a small production company. We have the beginnings in place, but taking this year to build an audience, support, and direction. Here and there could I ask some advice from a fellow brother in the industry? I might even drop some ideas on you and things to pray for. I guess godly consul to wage a great media “war” for souls.

    Thank you,


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  18. alexankarr1 says:

    Wow, what a tale. I adore Cary Grant and all his old films – was watching and loving Operation Petticoat only the other day. Colour me a delicate pistachio green with envy!

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