St. Valentine’s Day: In Memoriam

89 years after the infamous St. Valentine’s Day Massacre: 17 innocent people (unlike the 7 warring mobsters in Chicago) were murdered. They were mown down with a deadly weapon wielded by an emotionally disturbed young man. What can I say that hasn’t been said before? That there must be multiple things wrong with a culture where mass shootings, once rare and shocking, are now “normal”? Where new records are set almost every year? Where there have been multiple school shootings since the beginning of this still-new year?

I can only offer my prayers:

  • For the students, teachers, and victim’s families who will forever be impacted by an act of hatred on a day of love.
  • For our country and society to learn how to work together–rather than argue ceaselessly and impotently–to bring about real change in a culture that is fast losing its moral and ethical underpinnings.
  • For each of us to identify the roles we must to play in order to heal and, yes, love our world back to life.

St. Valentine is dead. Long live St. Valentine. 

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20 Responses to St. Valentine’s Day: In Memoriam

  1. Just horrible to think that is becoming more and more the norm, and I am getting sick just hearing on social media and everywhere else that “our thoughts and prayers are with the victims “. We need do and demand more than thoughts and prayers. We need actions and involvement and courage to put a stop to the violent epidemic in our society.

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  2. Well said, Sir. There are not words – the suffering that faces so many families. It is unbearable.

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  3. It’s a horrible situation and our leaders are failing to protect our kids.

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  4. True peace can only start when God’s people come to the Prince of Peace and allow Him access to the society at war.

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  5. Is it possible that this young man allowed evil to enter his heart? Is it not possible that the solution is Jesus who drives out demons, heals the heart and makes us into a new creation? Should we talk about that more?

    Just asking.

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  6. Cultures that do not worship weaponry have far fewer murders….
    Then Jesus told him, “Put your sword back in its place because all who take up the sword will perish by the sword.” and…”if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well; and if someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two. Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.…”

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  7. stolzyblog says:

    Number of Republican senators (at last count) who have released PR statements to the effect that they and spouse are praying for the victims and communities: 10. Number of these ten whose vote goes to the NRA and who receive campaign contributions from the NRA: 10. Maybe there needs to be a sermon or two making clear that it is also Christian to “act” according to conscience.

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  8. greenpete58 says:

    Prayers only make those who are doing the praying feel better about themselves. Guns are a religion in America, just as powerful as Christianity, and it’s almost impossible to change someone’s religion. After Sandy Hook, the NRA and their puppet politicians (mainly Republican) dug their heels in harder, and nothing happened, despite President Obama’s noble efforts. Hate to say it, but the massacres, and daily gun deaths, will continue.

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    • mitchteemley says:

      I completely understand why you’re jaded about anything changing, Pete. But I do believe in prayer (not to feel better about myself), AND I believe in taking action, as did Jesus.


      • greenpete58 says:

        Like another commenter said, every time one of these massacres happens, “prayers,” tears, hearts, flowers, and love are showered all over social media. Yeah, that’s better than cold indifference. But unless this sweetness is accompanied by action – and even WITH action in this violence culture we’ve created – little will change. The gun lobby is a minority, but it’s passionate about fighting any form of gun control. They write and call their congressmen, and battle on social media, after every massacre. Those who are more sensible want stricter gun measures, but except for you, me, and a few others, there’s no action. They’ll even vote, unknowingly, for pro-NRA politicians! The gun issue is low on their radar. That is, until someone they know becomes a victim.

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  9. Ann Coleman says:

    It is so terrible and beyond comprehension. Banning automatic weapons is, in my opinion, just the first step to address this issue. We also have to address why someone would ever want to use an automatic weapon to murder dozens of people!

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  10. It’s sad when we send our kids off to school we have to worry if their going to be safe, this world we live in is getting scary….

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  11. Here in Arizona, both leading candidates for the U.S. Senate seat voted to remove restrictions on gun sales to the mentally ill. Neither had anything to say after the Parkland shootings. I am certain that the Grand Canyon state is not alone, in having Congress people who have a skewed sense of reality.

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  12. I am sorry I am late to the party on this post. I would like to answer some of the comments and something within your post…but first, I heartily agree with your bullet points.
    However, I take issue with the misinformation spread in the last sentence (query) in the body of the post. You said “Where there have been eighteen school shootings alone since the beginning of this still-new year?” While this is technically true, there has only been one shooting of this type during the past year in a school zone. The other 17 that involved a gun were suicides perpetrated on a school campus, a young man accidentally discharging a weapon during a lesson in school, a man shooting a BB gun at a school bus, and others of this sort. So, I believe, parroting what others who believe in the Australia method of gun control have been saying defeats your message.
    A solution needs to be found, but stating in error such propaganda as “We also have to address why someone would ever want to use an automatic weapon to murder dozens of people!” (automatic weapons were not used and have been illegal for some time) as Ann did, or “Cultures that do not worship weaponry have far fewer murders…” (I live in an extremely rural area where everyone, or most everyone, has multiple guns of every sort, but we don’t worship them. They are tools.) as Rita did, is not helpful.
    People who have a knee jerk reaction, no matter what side they are on, are wrong. This needs to be dealt with in a wholly rational way.
    BTW, an AK is a SEMI-automatic rifle…as are most rifles, shotguns and handguns. One trigger pull, one shot and multiple shots per magazine (or load). Banning them would be ludicrous and no help.
    One final point. Up until the nineties, kids in rural areas kept their hunting rifles in the hunting racks of their trucks when they went to school. Many times there were as many as three weapons, semi-automatic and high powered, in these vehicles. Yet, there were no school shootings. Guns are not the issue here; it is the culture we live in. Until the culture sees a return to what it has been (and I am very skeptical that will happen), we will have incidents like that in Florida, VA Tech, Columbine, Sandy Hook and many others. A return to the mores that valued human life and honored other people is needed. Guns are just a tool, not a cause.

    Gaines Irving Arnold


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