The Wild Places


Go and worship in the wild places

the un-found-out places

in the forest that has never echoed with human voice

or the desert that offers no easy welcome

or the undiscovered parts of your heart

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20 Responses to The Wild Places

  1. Rick says:

    Wonderful reminder! Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents!

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  2. joyroses13 says:

    Beautiful! I love worshiping in nature. God made such an amazing world!

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  3. E says:

    Absolutely yes.

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  4. The sands of the beach, ever so close, call to us frequently.

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  5. I often seek out a wild and crazy beach when I really want to get close to God. This post is beautiful, thank you

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  6. Nature is the closest to God I can find! Beautiful picture!

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  7. What beautiful thoughts! Such wonderful imagery you create/inspire here. Love this post…When I read “Wild Places” I thought of the story Where the Wild Things Are… and I also thought of dancing with delight before God on the Moors of Scotland… etc.

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  8. To the Unseeable Animal
    My Daughter: “I hope there’s an animal
    Somewhere that nobody has ever seen.
    And I hope nobody ever sees it.”

    Being, whose flesh dissolves
    at our glance, knower
    of the secret sums and measures,
    you are always here,
    dwelling in the oldest sycamores,
    visiting the faithful springs
    when they are dark and the foxes
    have crept to their edges.
    I have come upon pools
    in streams, places overgrown
    with the woods’ shadow,
    where I knew you had rested,
    watching the little fish
    hang still in the flow;
    as I approached they seemed
    particles of your clear mind
    disappearing among the rocks.
    I have waked deep in the woods
    in the early morning, sure
    that while I slept
    your gaze passed over me.
    That we do not know you
    is your perfection
    and our hope. The darkness
    keeps us near you.

    Wendell Berry

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  9. Joan says:

    So lovely, Mitch, and such a perfect closing line. Thank you.

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  10. My Way Home Life says:

    Chris Rice wrote a great song about this called “My Cathedral.”

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  11. smzang says:


    The title brings scents and sounds into this room;
    the poem sets the blood to racing with pure joy.


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  12. Nancy Ruegg says:

    Michael Hyatt (former president of Thomas Nelson Publishing) has called the outdoors “God’s living room.” There IS something about being surrounded by nature that augments our sense of His presence and our response of awe and worship. (And because I’m fond of alliteration, your first line, “Worship in the wild places,” was especially pleasing!)

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  13. AliciaS says:

    I loved the last line, “or your own heart.” That’s most likely the wildest place of all.

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  14. Oh I so agree – being in the midst of His creation, and then realising it is a FALLEN one, just fills me with awe and wonder about what the new, perfect one will be like.

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  15. Solacebrother/blogspot says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    The world I love…..


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