The Future of the Human Race

Forget 2018, I’m predicting the future “to infinity and beyond.” Seriously. Here it is:

Mitch Teemley


Life as we know it is nearly over. Here’s how the future could play out:

Phase One—Wearability – It all started when computers met their soul mate, the internet. Almost Google-releases-Project-Glass-video-capture-and-details-expands-pre-ordersovernight, people became addicted to being connected. But we couldn’t take it with us. Until portable computers and smartphones arrived. Still, why carry ’em when you can wear ‘em? Google Glass and Apple Watch didn’t go viral, but the bug will bite soon. Here’s why:

Phase Two—Virtuality – The real news isn’t games (no offense, Pokémon), it’s the transformation of those goggles into wearable computers. Soon we’ll use in-the-air keyboards and move virtual objects about with our hands. Yes, you can walk to work in the virtual-oculus-rift1930s, if you like, dodging Prohibition Era gangsters (or zombies or gladiators). But the big change will come when we adopt AR as a way of life.

Phase Three—Implantability – Why look through clunky goggles when microprocessors under…

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5 Responses to The Future of the Human Race

  1. greenpete58 says:

    OK, with this post you’ve hit a nerve with this misanthrope here: I predicted Phase Three about two years ago. It will come. Humans could prevent this further descent into ultra-techno, self-absorbed, anti-nature apocalyptic madness, but we’re herd animals, and we’re weak. I wonder how many of your original responders to this post use smartphones? (the lead-in to Phase One). Probably most. But they don’t have to. Like Facebook, smartphones aren’t a necessity. But they’ve made these luxuries into a necessity.

    I see this fumbling with smartphones every other night at the gym, people trying to wire in while working out. It’s hilarious. I want to say something, but it would just cause trouble. Phases One, Two, and Three will arrive before we know it.

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    • mitchteemley says:

      Yep, arriving very soon. New technologies, once they reach a certain saturation point, become irreversible. The automobile was a novelty, then a convenience, then a necessity. Do they make the world better? Yes and no. I’m a green-tech fan, but that too is not without its snafus. Gen. Omar Bradley once said, “We live in a world of nuclear giants (broaden that to “technical giants”) and ethical infants.” It’s truer than ever.

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  2. Ann Coleman says:

    This is exactly why I am a just a little scared of technology!

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  3. gpavants says:

    Hi Mitch,

    Wow , yes that is the natural stages to man making himself immortal and god-like. Talk about abusing God’s gifts to men. You wonder who is behind all of this? Someone who tried this before and got booted out of eternity. Remind me to send you a piece on the mark of the beast I did a few years ago. Thanks,


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