The Wishing Map 95

Is there anyone harder to forgive than yourself?

Mitch Teemley

Wishing pix-Title-(framed)

Note: To read The Wishing Mapfrom the beginning, click here.

The Wishing Map

Chapter Twenty: Tea for One

Previously: Gina managed (by posing as the mysterious Rhema) to halt the civil war launched by her brother Zack.

⇔ ⇔ ⇔

Gina was standing on a four and a half foot high boulder in the shadow of a ring of saplings, her oversized black cloak hanging almost half her height again below her feet; this was what gave the impression she was ten feet tall. Under the heavy hood she’d draped her face with Aunt Aloysia’s scarf, hence the heathen goddess multiplicity of mouths and eyes. She pushed her hood back and pulled the crystal scarf from her face, then sat down on the lichen-covered boulder and slid to the ground. “Zack, we have to go!”

He didn’t move. He didn’t even seem to hear her. She scanned the…

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  1. I should say, it really provoked me to start reading the “wishing map” from the beginning …!

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