The Wishing Map 91

Is there anything worse than causing another person, especially a child, to suffer?

Mitch Teemley

Wishing pix-Title-(framed)

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The Wishing Map

Chapter Nineteen: The Naim Games (Continued)

Previously: By pushing the childlike naims beyond what they could comprehend, Zack unintentionally sparked armed conflict!

⇔ ⇔ ⇔

Cries of dismay exploded from the Root Naims. Within seconds they were throwing rocks, bark, tree branches, anything they could put their hands on. This was matched by a shower of objects from the Leaf Naims. Because the field was so wide, the makeshift missiles failed to make it to the opposite side and fell instead on the heads of the children who’d been acting out the stories. Many dropped, bruised and lacerated, to the ground. Their parents screamed and scrambled to drag them out of harm’s way.

Bulgy led his followers onto the field. In their hands were bludgeons and maces, lances and pikes, bows & arrows. Zack suddenly…

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