The Wishing Map 82

Have you ever found yourself the reluctant mediator between two factions?

Mitch Teemley

Wishing pix-Title-(framed)

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The Wishing Map

Chapter Eighteen: Spiffwits and Storysmiths (Continued)

Previously: Zack slept on a shelf inside a tree, halfway between Crown Naimian (in the boughs) and Root Naimian (beneath the earth), in order to avoid favoring one naim (gnome) faction over the other.

⇔ ⇔ ⇔

Zack spent the night in a dreamy haze. At first he’d clung to the edge of a cloud, with only Liulah’s kiss to keep him from falling, then he’d dreamed of the Dark Tinkurs. The ashen-faced man from the previous nightmare was gone, consumed. A new man in an insectoid amber-eyed mask finally succeeded in pressing the burning object into Zack’s forehead. Instantly Zack became one with the object, and then he knew: the Dark Tinkurs had this same burning within them. They wanted everything—everything. There was a hole in them that nothing…

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