The Beginning


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19 Responses to The Beginning

  1. Thats the cold hard truth which needs to be announced as it seems some have chosen to block it out.. I have to copy this one. Good Post-

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  2. That’s a sober thought, Mitch. Thanks to the concept of “grace,” and “repentance,” what might seem a damning prologue to us, might turn out to be a strength and an asset in the afterlife.

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  3. oneta hayes says:

    Beautiful thought – or horrific. As you point ou,t it depends on the prologue.

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  4. nanciec13 says:

    “I am unwritten….”

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  5. robertcday says:

    I like that very much, Mitch. Seems to me that every second is a new prologue.
    Kindness – Robert.

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  6. Since I have been teaching the Bible to Muslims for the past seven years, I have often asked myself, “Would you be willing to do what you are asking them to do? Risk your life for your faith?” I thought long and hard about it, and decided yes, I would. Years ago, I used to ask for a quiet hour in which to die. I do not do that anymore. I pray that my death will have meaning.

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  7. The “prologue”, may be not a factor, if the belief of forgiveness is in play. Life is the Table of Content, to guide the Author.

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    • mitchteemley says:

      I see that not everyone has interpreted the words as I intended them. By “Prologue” I mean not whether we have sinned, “for all sin and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23), but what we do with the forgiveness (and love) offered by the Author of Life.

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    • Like the rest of us, Mitch is doing some deep thinking and analysis about God’s over-all strategy for us. Both Prologue and Table of Contents could be applicable; so could “Rough-Draft.” Our mortal existence, compared to eternity, is a rough-draft written in pencil. The pencil has an eraser called “Grace.”

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  8. Anni Harry says:

    Wow! Such a sobering thought… Thank you for sharing!

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  10. gerrymackrell says:

    Making my intentions known provides the impetuous for a successful conclusion.

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  11. Roos Ruse says:

    So true. Astounding image, Mitch.

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  12. Tho the only afterlife I expect is in the memories of those I have helped or hurt, I admire the concise eloquence of the words and the splendid bronze that illustrates them.

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  13. amaranto es says:

    […] Mitch – <a href="https://mitchteemley. ” Our mortal universe, compared to eternity, is a rough-draft written in pencil.

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