The Meaning of Life

Westminster Catechism

I don’t usually get choked up over doctrinal statements. But the first time I read this summary of the purpose of human life drafted by the Westminster Assembly, a gathering of English and Scottish clergy in 1646, something in me shouted, “Yes!” And that shout has never ceased to echo in my soul.

“Now this is eternal life, that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.”

~John 17:3

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19 Responses to The Meaning of Life

  1. Glorify God in every situation. In joy or pain, sickness or health…. impossible without his grace and kindness. Every right response is a gift from him. What a saviour!

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  2. Sandi Staton says:

    and my soul shouts with yours! All God asks of us is to praise and worship Him and Him alone. But we fail miserably by allowing other things to take out hearts and minds off of Him and onto ourselves.

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  3. I love the enjoyment part. That’s more than glory, that’s also delight. That’s about being God’s beloved, and relishing in loving God back. I’m with you, Mitch – one of the most beautiful sentences in an theological work ever.

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  4. A similar verse in Ecclesiastes 12:13
    “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.”
    A favorite verse coming at the end of a book dedicated to what NOT to do.

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  5. claire says:

    Ah yes, so very much is this one sentence – eternal life (not eternal death or mere existence)now, not in some future time, in the glory of his presence, immersed in the joy only he can bring.

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  6. oneta hayes says:

    Fullness of life lasting forever.

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  7. profsloan says:

    Mitch, this was part of the catechism we had to learn as children. Only when I committed my life to Christ did I understand the part which says ‘… enjoy him forever’. As an unbeliever I would not have put enjoy and God in the same sentence, yet it all became true when I became a Christian.

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  8. Amen Mitch, well said my friend.

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  9. Somnath says:

    perfectly described…

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  10. numrhood says:

    john 42:04 as the deer paths said john 17:03


  11. gerrymackrell says:


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  12. Lifestyle Prayers says:

    I enjoy thinking and saying this confession of faith. It reminds me why I am here, and what I have to look forward to in an everlasting relationship with God.

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  13. shawnking20 says:

    Have you ever wondered where we came from? Why we are here? Who and what is god? Is heaven and hell real? Well hopefully i can answer that or atleast discuss my theories thought upon during deep meditation.

    First who and what is god? We all have been god and will all be god. When you close your eyes theres a darkness yet your aware of that darkness in life you are constantly distracted from that darkness a quick blink except for when you close your eyes to sleep. When you sleep you dwell in darkness aware if it untill you drift away and began to dream. Dreams feel real and vivid at times nightmares that terrify you only ended by opening your eyes and even still you feel the fear you felt in the nightmare. Death is a human made construct just because the brain and heart and body cease to exist the conciouness remains in the darkness unable to open there eyes so every dream and every nightmare becomes real and unescapeable unless control is gained a term commonly used is lucid dreaming by lucid dreaming you become god every person that you met heard of thought of side glanced every item created has been recorded in memory subconciouslly and every conscious being shares them memories on a subconcious level so that when there body die and there consciousness enter the god state or dream state or lucid dream the shared knowledge or memories are used to create what they will as a god making endless cycle of every concious being constantly reproducing more gods who will fall into the same pattern therefore we are all gods our species do not have a physical form or bodies are nothing more than a suit of skin a sock or shoe a cover over what we really are…


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