Curmudgeon (noun): Ill-tempered or cantankerous person. Usually older and male. E.g. How I feel when I read political news.

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24 Responses to Curmudgeon

  1. but isn’t the glass always full? Half liquid, half air?
    Well, expect maybe in a vacuum, then we have a very different problem to discuss.

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  2. I just stopped following a Blog that I had liked, because suddenly the messages were very political and full of hatred. The media has control! I can’t remember the last time I turned on the news to hear some “positive” stories, except for CBS Sunday Morning show. I think if the media could share stories of people helping each other, more world news, it would be much better for us.

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  3. dtbrents says:

    My husband is an old curmudgeon.

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  4. Just having passed the golden age of 50, I realize that I am suddenly a fogey (not really an old one yet). I don’t like the kid’s music (of any type), the way they drive or the way they treat people (to some extent). This is all tongue in cheek of course, but I do have one serious complaint as a burgeoning ‘old guy’ – Why can’t people just enjoy life? I know I do. Much more than I did when I was a kid.

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  5. Ron Whited says:

    Amen and Amen!!!

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  6. says:

    This is how my hubby looks when watching the evening news.

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  7. ekurie says:

    can girls be curmudgeons? if not I then am a crabby old lady when I read political news.

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  8. Wayne says:

    Soooooo…I’m turning 32 tomorrow, but I already feel this way 😄😄.

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  9. Sam Gordon says:

    Unfair pun-ishment (but funny)!

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  10. Loved it! I reposted to my page with a comment! Love your writing Mitch. Check out both of my blogs, and Any suggestions to enlarge my “following” audience would be appreciated.

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  11. *how I feel literally all the time

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  12. First thought that ran through my head “Damn skippy, that’s right!” tsk, I know. Language. But, seriously.

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