Earth Day is Us Day


There are those who say, “We can’t afford environmental regulations–too many lost dollars (or pounds, or rubles, or yuan), too many lost jobs.” Meanwhile, according to the World Health Organization:

  • Over 7 million humans a year die from air pollution
  • One quarter of all child deaths under age 5 are due to pollution
  • People with medical conditions directly related to air, water, soil and other forms of pollution: 200 million; people indirectly affected by pollutants (lower IQ, weakened immune system, etc.): approximately 2 1/2 billion
  • The economic effect in lost labor and medical expenses (never mind the immeasurable cost in human suffering): tens of trillions of dollars – every year

What is it we can’t afford, again?

Earth Day is Us Day.

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14 Responses to Earth Day is Us Day

  1. Yes! It baffles me that the pursuit of the almighty dollar (or pound, or ruble, or yuan) clouds the truth of what we’re doing to the Earth–our only home. If only people, corporations, and governments would ascribe to the seven generation rule promulgated by many Native American cultures: In every decision we make, we must consider how it will affect our descendants seven generations into the future.
    With the way things are looking now, the idea of there even being seven generations hence is in question. Thanks for an important post, Mitch.

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  2. I love how you describe Earth Day as Us Day. Your post made me catch my breath & deeply consider the ramifications of our actions (and inactions). Thank you Mitch. Wishing you a beautiful Earth day. 🌏

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  3. wizki says:

    So true. The problem is that the current PTB don’t even want us to “believe in” climate change anymore, and their silliness seems to be gaining with some people. Thanks for this!

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  4. Yes – and the people who will be worst hit by climate change are the poorest.

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  5. It is an eye-opener. But when we will wake up.?

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  6. says:

    And what “they” are doing to the food chain with gmo and chemical fertilizer and pesticides etc…. frankenfood


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  7. kertsen says:

    It all depends who is paying the bill. If it’s governments which is of course the tax payer then it’s fine by business and banks. But if you are asking the shareholders to pay its out of order they must not lose out. Saving the planet is costly and we don’t like big bills.
    If the situation gets serious then of course governments must pay as they did when they bailed out the banks.


  8. smzang says:

    I get hives every time I hear the details of the newly proposed national budget.


  9. joychibuzo says:

    Reblogged this on The Focused Heart and commented:
    “What is it we can’t afford, again?”


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