The Face of Evil


Egyptian Christians murdered in their churches on Palm Sunday. And ISIS claims the “credit.” Is evil ever uglier than when it acts in the name of God?

The Islamic State labels Christianity a “western” religion. Yet Christians have lived in Egypt since the time of the Apostles (the Coptic Church was founded by John-Mark, author of the Gospel of Mark and “spiritual son” of the Apostle Paul)–600 years before Islam.

Yes, ISIS is trying to stir religious strife. Their hope is to generate protest among Egypt’s Christians, resulting in a violent backlash by Egyptian Muslims, leading to the collapse of government–and annexation by the Islamic State.

The plan is failing.

Ironically, ISIS chose to attack the Church of St. George, named for a Syrian-born defender of the innocent–a figure revered by both Christians and Muslims (there’s even a joint St. George church/mosque in Palestine). As a result, the vast majority of Egypt’s Muslims have come to the defense of the Coptic Christians and are taking a stand against ISIS.

Can we do any less?

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20 Responses to The Face of Evil

  1. So sad! One of the bombs went off as the choir was singing – what a contrast of beliefs.

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  2. lindamowles says:

    So very sad, even though Scripture teaches that this type activity will accost the Church throughout the ages. Indeed, it did even in the 1st Century persecution so we should not be surprised, but it is still horrific and incredibly sad. Thank you for spending some time with The Ruminant Scribe blog. I am humbled by your visit and I pray that you found it encouraging and challenging. Blessings to you as we pray for the Church throughout the world.

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  3. All should pray. God will hear our cries and He will protect and save us!

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  4. ekurie says:

    The real trick for me is to find some unimaginable way to love and forgive the attackers. To feel pity for these people convinced they are justified in their destruction, murder and hatred because of their “god”. To somehow not describe them as monsters, just what they do as monstrous. They really have no idea what they are doing.

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    • claire says:

      The key for me was to imagine when they stand before God and realise they were used and manipulated. I suspect many to be idealists, seekers, when faced with the awful deception they have been party to how great will be their grief and shame. I’m reminded of Paul who thought he did God service in his persecution of Christians. My prayer is they find the truth before it is too late. The Christians die and go to the arms of God in innocence the fate for these is far worse because it is eternal.

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  5. ISIS claims that they are acting in the name of God? And God is love? Looks and sounds to me as if ISIS doesn’t really know or even care about the correct definition of what God represents.

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  6. @vapor_sage says:

    No words here, just prayers

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  7. bdeckard92 says:

    Very powerful Mitch, thanks for sharing. I’m encouraged by the Muslims who are joining against ISIS. I’m reminded of Joseph, “what you meant for Evil God used for good.” I pray that God will use this terror and chaos to bring people together in His name and that together they will draw nearer to Him.

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  8. gerrymackrell says:

    The evil in this world today knows no bounds. God help us.

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  9. carhicks says:

    The Muslim faith teaches love and tolerance. The attackers are not practising the teachings of Islam, they are radicals and power hungry. I pray for the people in the Middle East and around the world.

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  10. jrusoloward says:

    Thank you for the moving piece. It’s shameful when people act in such hateful ways in the name of God. Praying for all those affected by the attacks.

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  11. Jon says:

    Thanks for reminding us that the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh. I understand the radicals are seeking to hasten armageddon. I don’t think they are going to like the outcome. Can’t imagine trying to stand before Holy God on one’s own “merits”.

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  12. Very sad and so very true. We can surely do no less than they have by standing up for coptic church through prayer and speaking out against these atrocities.

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  13. beigebirds says:

    When these horrific events occur, I tell myself that God’s angels rush in and carry away the souls of the innocents right before the moment of impact. When we see the fire and debris, they are seeing God. When we hear the screams, it’s just their physical bodies natural reaction because they are already shouting with unspeakable joy. It is for us, the living, to fight against these unspeakable evil acts.

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  14. I’m half Egyptian and my Jewish family fled egypt this breaks my heart

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