Equal Pay for Women!

Today is Equal Pay Day, representing how far into the new year a woman must work in order to earn the same amount a man earned during the previous twelve months alone.

But, hey, women belong in the home anyway. Right, guys?

Man is king of his castle

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17 Responses to Equal Pay for Women!

  1. ekurie says:

    This has never made sense to me. They are different, they always will be. My mom loved to tell when she left an ad agency where she was head of accounting they replaced her with 2 men. She was never resentful nor did she feel she should have received more for her job. She just loved that she’d done so well. She never lacked.

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  2. the20somethingexistentialcrisis says:

    I’ve never understood the pay gap. From what I understand the Equal Pay Act of 1963 is supposed to remediate this, making paying women less unlawful — in addition to subsequent legislation. So, if a business is paying a woman less than a man, this business is breaking the law. Maybe other factors contribute like career choice between men and women. For instance, men often work in blue collar fields that pay more due to hazardous works conditions and also pay overtime. While women predominantly work in offices, performing white collar work, and are salaried with no overtime.

    Just a thought. I’d love to hear what you think!

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    • You are correct; equal pay for equal work has been the law of the land for more than half a century. This men-earn-more-than-women canard has been decisively debunked so many times that it’s kind of remarkable that anyone still believes it.

      Feminists come up with whatever ratio they use — I think currently it’s along the lines of 80 cents earned by a woman for every dollar earned by a man; back in my youth it was something like 53 cents earned by a woman for every dollar earned by a man — by averaging together ALL the money earned by women and ALL the money earned by men. The discrepancy between women’s earnings and men’s earnings is due entirely to the different life choices made by women and men. We make different choices because we have the liberty to do so, and you can’t get rid of monetary inequality unless you get rid of the personal liberty that enables it.

      Some people (and some societies) value equality more than liberty, but in the United States, most people value liberty more — despite the best efforts of some people to persuade us to surrender our liberty for the sake of equality.

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  3. @vapor_sage says:

    Just heard about a study on Micheal Medved’s show yesterday that a plurality of millennials are in favor of traditional roles in marriage, where the woman stays home with the kids and dad is working

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  4. themomfred says:

    If there was actually a pay gap for the same work between men and women, I would fire all the men who work for me and hire only women, thus make more profit. This whole thing is such a fallacy. The stats are not based on equal work but a arbitrary idea of comparing apples to oranges, not apples to apples. As the comment accurately stated above, overall women makes less as a group because of life style choices. Something I intimately understand, for as a young women I made the choice to be available for my children, thus am now not paid as well or advanced as much as a man in my position would be, but I would have missed out on the little wonderful things of my children’s daily life, so I would not change that choice even if I could. Whereas my husband missed out on much by not having a choice, because most work places are not as flexible with a man as they are with a woman, the expectations are different. I guess it is men I feel sorry for not women, for today’s world is set up to be very accommodating of the choices of the women who work. Why not champion choices for men for a change? To me they appear to be as “stuck” at work without a choice, as women were “stuck” at home in the past. 🙂 Belinda

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  5. There are a lot of reasons for the pay gap, but it is much less than some medial outlets report. But, a small pay gap still exists even though women have come a long way.

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  6. thedamari says:

    Here’s something I’ve seen happen with my own eyes more than once, though the details can vary a little — a woman leaves a job and is replaced by a man. Suddenly the job gets a new title and pay grade, although the duties don’t really change.

    At one time I had the job title of secretary with an employer who shall remain nameless here. There were several of us (all female) in the same building. The same employer also had some administrative assistants at a higher pay grade. When one of the department secretaries left, a man applied for and got her job. He was fine with being called a secretary, but after he’d been there about a month, the higher ups decided that particular job really fell under the classification of administrative assistant. So his title was changed and his pay went up. As far as anyone could tell, the job duties remained the same. He even spoke up a little and suggested he was doing the same work as the rest of us. Nothing came of it as far as equity, but at least it helped him get along with the rest of us.

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  7. robertcday says:


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  8. Kudos! This is a perfect illustration describing a very important problem facing our country. I was a Human Resource Director for many years and the amount of pay inequality that I had witnessed would blow your mind. Woman with the same (or more) experience as their male coworkers were routinely given much lower salaries. When the time came for me to give my resignation and move on, I decided to confront the owner of the company and ask why there was such a big difference in pay scale. He responded by saying that men have families to care of. I was livid! When you think about the number of men who abandon their families and expect woman to pick up the pieces and become the sole financial provider, his statement only became more ignorant! Maybe one day this will change, but in the meantime it’s best to know what you are worth when applying for a new position. And when it’s time to negotiate the salary, don’t accept anything less!

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  9. godoratheism says:

    My wife totally agrees!

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  10. Paula says:

    Excellent meme for this very joke I told at Toastmasters one night. Even the guys laughed. (They know they’re tyrants. ;>) )

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