A Filmmaker’s Journal

My film Over-the-Rhine has just been nominated for Best Picture at the International Christian Film Festival! This is the largest faith-based movie event in the world, I believe, with ties to the legendary Cannes Film Festival in France (not to be confused with the somewhat less renowned moose-themed film festival in Cannes, Montana).

Here are some behind-the-scenes stills from the making of the film:

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55 Responses to A Filmmaker’s Journal

  1. barbara runck says:

    Oh Mitch!I am so proud of you! Congratulations!

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  2. Excellent. Congrats!

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  3. chape says:

    That´s awesome! Congrats!!

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  4. That’s amazing Mitch. Congratulatins, that is quite an accomplishment!!! Good luck and God Bless you 🙂

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  5. How fabulous, Mitch. Well done!

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  6. Aweplause and congratulations !! Such a cool honor!

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  7. Erika Kind says:

    Wow! That’s so cool! My congratulations, Mitch!!!

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  8. Congratulations Mitch! May God continue to bless the work of your hands. 🙂

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  9. H.M. Davis says:

    Awesome! Congratulations!!!

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  10. trE says:

    Wow! This is awesome! Congratulations, Mitch!

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  11. atimetoshare.me says:

    Excited for you, my friend. It’s an honor to know you!

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  12. Congratulation are in order! That’s very exciting. Good work!

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  13. frankelley@fuse.net says:


    I don’t care if it sounds “Facebooky” to give the film a shout out. It’s great to know that your work is well recognized. Can’t wait for the chance to see it myself along with the couple thousand people I’ve recommended it to!!


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  14. My goodness, CONGRATULATIONS! I had no idea you were making a film. Where / when can we go and see it? Also, how do you find the time to Direct a film AND Blog every day! This is incredible.

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  15. I am officially impressed. Congratulations.

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  16. Fantastic, Mitch! Congratulations!

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  18. knabbler says:

    Awesome, Mitch. Congratulations!

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  19. toutparmoi says:

    Wow, that’s amazing news! Congratulations.

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  20. Sweet!! Congratulations!!

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  21. BelleUnruh says:

    Wow and wonderful. Congrats!

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  22. I can’t wait to see this movie!

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  23. Congratulations! That’s awesome.

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  24. Fantastic, Mitch!! Congratulations!

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  25. Cheri says:


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  26. Paula says:

    Well done, Mitch. Congratulations.

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  27. Roos Ruse says:

    Whoot! Whoot! I can hardly wait till it comes around these parts! Heartfelt congratulations, Mitch.

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  28. godoratheism says:

    Congratulations! How can we see it?

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  29. theancients says:

    Congratulations Mitch!
    (I’m darn near as happy as you are).

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  30. Congratulations Mitch! So happy for you 🙂

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  31. Lucie says:

    WAY TO GO, MITCH!!!! Congratulations!!!!! You’re the bomb! (((HUGS)))

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  32. Terri Nida says:

    Congratulations, Mitch! I always enjoy reading your posts, so I’m sure your filmmaking skills are equally as impressive.

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  33. Nancy Ruegg says:

    I’m SO excited for you but not a bit surprised!

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  34. Congratulations, Mitch! So lovely to meet you. ❤ Thanks for visiting my blog … sending blessings to you and this film, Debbie

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  35. landl30 says:

    Congratulations Mitch… and thanks for stopping by poemsperday.com. I was the film critic for the Episcopal church’s publications off and on circa 30 years, so appreciate a good filmmaker….
    Len Freeman

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  36. ekurie says:

    oh, wow… I cannot imagine what an honor such as that feels like. Congratulations to you and all your hard work and workers.

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  37. RGS says:

    Impressive! I look forward to seeing it.

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  38. Congratulations! Looks like an awesome film!

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  39. artscb357 says:

    I am glad you set me straight on the moose version of Cannes as I know it is a higher aiming point. [ha ha!] Congrats!


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