My Computer Crashed!

toon-1073Well, OK, it didn’t exactly “crash.” I mean, there was no hole in the wall. There were no other bleeding computer owners standing around threatening to sue my pants off. Actually, what I did was delete a massive number of massively important files. Massively. So, I took it to an IT expert who was pretty sure he could recover the lost files. Until he couldn’t. Because, apparently while I was googling to see what to do about the lost files my hard drive was happily writing over them.

And so I spent the last three days in cyber purgatory. Three days without a computer. Can you feel my pain? I know you can. Yes, I have a phone. No, it’s not the same. For one thing, I could never use my phone to post a yummy rant like this one. What? You could have? Oh, shut up, you little millennial twit.

My wife has no sympathy. Yesterday, while I might have been online networking with “all my little blogger pals” (no, she didn’t say that, but she thought it), I was forced to go for a walk with her. She always walks. She uses those analog things, those, you know, leg things. And breathes in crisp wintry air. And watches the sun turn rosy-gold against a deepening blue sky, as warm, inviting lights click on in houses…with working computers!

Seriously, I have missed my little blogger pals. So now you know why I couldn’t come out and play for the last three days. I had computer pox!

But I’m sorta glad, too. Like the people whose houses burn to the ground. They stand in their neighbor’s yards shivering, huddling together, full of irrational joy. Because what really matters is that the people they love made it out, even if the furniture and clothes–and computers–didn’t. All of a sudden, in the most visceral way, they’re reminded how much they treasure one another. It’s not like they didn’t already know that. It’s just that they’d come to take it for granted. Because they’re human. And that’s what humans do. Take things for granted, and forget what really matters.

I suspect God may have had a hand in this little cyber conflagration, this “hey, Mitch, look over here” moment. It is, after all, the eve of Ash Wednesday, the day when millions symbolically burn some unnecessary distraction, mark an ashy cross on their foreheads, and begin the Lenten season–the season of remembering what matters.

What else do I need but the people I love, and the God who made them? Well, OK, a working computer with fully restored files would be nice.

But in a pinch…

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51 Responses to My Computer Crashed!

  1. Bummer, Mitch. I’ve been there, looking over the shoulder of the IT guy praying. Little piece of advice – get Carbonite. It’s worth it.

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  2. bdeckard92 says:

    My job keeps me crunching numbers on excel, my education keeps my typing htmls and css’s and other letter languages, and my hobby keeps me plugging away at a keyboard with endless onslaughts of poetry and prose…. so like you I to sometimes welcome the times when the internet particles stop flowing at my place so I can open the door, rub my bleary eyes and try to figure out day or night as I take a nice little stroll. Thanks for the laughter today sir!

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  3. I loved this piece. You’ve got me thinking and that’s got to be a good thing.

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  4. Nancy Ruegg says:

    I remember the days before computers and smart phones, all the way back to one phone for the whole house, and a party-line at that. Talk about survival skills… 🙂

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  5. ren says:

    The first time I had to go without a computer, I thought I would go nuts!
    ….and then there have been several times of no computer,
    each time becoming easier than the first.

    The last time I had to go without a computer, I thought I was in heaven.
    Now I seek non-computer hours, just cuz I can. 😀
    Missed you and welcome back!

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  6. Laurie says:

    Oh my…I was there in December. All my written work gone, gone and really gone. However, every once in awhile since then, I have discovered in my files (paper files) I printed some of them out. I do not remember that I did or why. Maybe you’ll have some of those discoveries.

    In the meantime “backup” is my new buddy 🙂

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  7. Major bummer. Amazing how we’ve come to rely on these things so completely in such a short amount of time. I kind of feel the same way about my phone for different reasons. I shattered the screen at a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans a few days ago and it felt like pure torture to not have it for the few hours it was being fixed. Esp. because I take so many of my photographs with it and there I was in such a beautiful city!

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  8. I’m glad you’re back…

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  9. Will Marler says:

    That is hysterical! Makes me love my IPAD more and more.

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  10. Now, I know why it was so “quiet” these past few days. 🙂

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  11. Wayne Boyd says:

    Oh your fanclub is still lurking in the bushes.

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  12. Jeff says:

    “She uses those analog things, those, you know, leg things.” I love that. Yes, I feel your pain. I’ve had to live more than a day, before, with no computer. Purgatory is a nice word for it.

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  13. My last laptop overheated – burned to death. Well, my new laptop is getting funny, so we bought two 3.0 USB drive. I got a 128G, and my hubby got a 64G. I’m going to back up my laptop very soon. I love your story!!

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  14. BelleUnruh says:

    “massively important files…” When I read that my mouth fell open and I felt so bad for you. You have a good attitude about it all.

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  15. This is a fascinating piece mate. It’s personal but free of deceit. Very insightful.

    Honestly, I don’t know whether you write everything from your heart or if it’s the heart that spells the words for you….

    but it has to be either one of them. 🙂

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  16. Erika Kind says:

    Oh well, feeling with you, Mitch…. and totally feeling with you when it comes to posting over the phone. Never did it and might never do it!!!

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  17. Happy you’re back, but even happier you took time for that nice walk in the crisp, cool air! 🙂

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  18. Ufuomaee says:

    This made me laugh! I so feel your pain! I am lost without internet connection, not to talk of my laptop!!! Yikes! Three days 😦 But the lesson is still worth it, where God is concerned. It’s just never easy… I pray it doesn’t happen to me, though! Nice one 🙂

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  19. I can’t live without my laptop and internet. I understand you perfectly. 🙂

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  20. gpavants says:

    Hi Mitch,

    Yes, that is tough. I hear you. The Lord has been telling me to slow down and take time with whatever He askes. That is hard on rush, rush world. You are on to something,


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  21. Roos Ruse says:

    I’m sorry for your loss and feel your pain. But you retained your sense of humor 😀 I feel you more than ever my brother. With one misplaced click, ransom ware locked my computer until Quinn could save me. In the meanwhile I worked on my backup laptop, came to loathe Edge but otherwise gained even more invaluable experience with other browsers, so it’s all good. You. Shall. Rebound.

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  22. winfred says:

    Lol… welcome back

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  23. RGS says:

    Your wife sounds like an evolved person.

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