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southampton-and-cat-1603I repent! In my subtle (or not so subtle) narcissism, I have rarely featured the writings of other worthy bloggers (note how the phrase “other worthy…” cleverly places me in their ranks). What better time to correct this heinous oversight than the present!

And what better person to start with than the mysteriously pseudonymed “Toutparmoi,” a deviously delightful writer dwelling in the mysterious (and some would say mythical) isles of New Zealand. A few years back, while researching William Shakespeare’s secret benefactor the 3rd Earl of Southhampton, Ms. Parmoi happened upon an astonishing thing: The complete diaries of “Gib,” the Earl of Southampton’s cat!

Yes, for the first time  in human history, we are being treated to the authentic writings of a literary cat! Oh, to be sure, there was that T. S. Eliot fellow’s fluff about Growltiger and Great Rumpuscat, etc. But this…this is real, I tell you–real!

More to the point, it’s relentlessly witty, historically fascinating, and surprisingly informative. So what are you waiting for? Go there now! To read Gib’s first diary entry click below:

The Earl of Southampton’s Cat

jeune chat mau égyptien de face - portrait - yeux verts

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10 Responses to Much Ado About Something

  1. Ha! Thanks for the link.

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  2. toutparmoi says:

    Thanks for those kind words, Mitch! His lordship’s cat couldn’t have put it better himself. Except (devilish as I may be) I live a little further south than Tasmania, in the shakey isles of New Zealand.

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  3. BelleUnruh says:

    I’m afraid little Gib will be drownded.

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  4. gpavants says:

    Hi Mitch,

    The cat has his own tongue.

    Thanks, Gary

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