Beyond Valentine’s Day


Soulmate (noun):

Someone you’re “made for” and don’t have to work at loving.

Someone you choose to continue loving every day.

Love is a choice we keep on

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21 Responses to Beyond Valentine’s Day

  1. thebenedictineoblate says:

    Amen! Love is an action not mere good feeling. (In fact, as I’m sure all of us can testify, true love lies in acting in kindness and patience even when you feel at wits end with frustration and anger… yeah, I’m not feeling that at all today. 😖😆)

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  2. Mitch, good thing ours arrived with extra reinforced bumpers!! Quite a few years !!!

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  3. Love is the balance of feelings and responsibilities – Miriam Hurdle
    Yes, love is something we work on continuously, even when we don’t feel like loving, still have to do the loving to keep it going. Thank you for the vivid illustration.

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  4. A balance of feelings and doings, and emotions and responsibilities…..

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  5. They say that you scratch away the surface of a cynic, and you find a disappointed idealist, and I think that bears out; many of the things I write emerge from a darker place in me, I think, but I always love reading your work in the morning. Particularly these sorts of posts leave me with a hopeful feeling that I don’t always indulge. I’m glad to have you on my reading list.

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  6. dawnlizjones says:

    FB’d!! Standing O!!

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  7. 2ndhalfolife says:

    This is so true and a lesson I have learned very late in life and after ending many relationships! 🙂

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  8. gpavants says:

    Amen. Bumps, crashes, and near misses love works.


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