I Hate to Brag

What better day than today?

Mitch Teemley


I hate to brag, but…

I’m on a first-name basis with the world’s best-selling author.

Could introduce you to Him, if you like.

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Writer, Filmmaker, Humorist, Thinker-about-stuffer
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17 Responses to I Hate to Brag

  1. winfred says:

    Yes I would love to be introduced

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  2. Gaye Hughes says:

    Yay!!! Hey, I know and love this Author also! He’s my best friend!

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  3. Not with The Way, I hope… >X-p

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  4. I hate to brag, I’m the sister of the author of the first five books in this great BOOK. – Miriam

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  5. oneta hayes says:

    Your author seems to be able and willing to be best friend with all his readers; I’m not horning in on your territory but I’m also up close and personal with Him. Beautiful post, Mitch!

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  6. gpavants says:

    HI Mitch,

    Talk about an author who adores His fans and would give His life for them.


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  7. Cool. I’m glad we are aquatinted with some of the same people 🙂

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  8. So great to be close to that author & creator of life!

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  9. John S says:

    Mitch if you go to my Facebook you will see I posted this last note from you and I did mention you in the post and in my comment.  Very honored to have you as a classmate, even more honored to have you as a brother in the Lord, and that means brother we are both on the first name bases with the Author of this Book.  

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  10. I’m so thankful to say the same! 🙂

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