My Blogger Recognition Award

A panel made up of Beyoncé, Stephen L. Hawking, and Mahatma Gandhi has conferred upon me the coveted Blogger Recognition Award. I will be lavishly fêted at the upcomingblogger-recognition-award1-1 Grammy Show and then be viciously tweeted about by Donald Trump. In other words: I have arrived!

So, no, actually I was nominated by two wonderful bloggers, This Georgia Peach, whose actual name is Virginia, and Shop Girl Anonymous, who actual name is, um… Do yourself a favor and visit them today. Peach is about overcoming adversity and living life to the fullest. Shopgirl is about doing it with style!

Blogger Recognition Award Rules

  • Thank the blogger/s who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Write a post about it the Blogger Recognition Award
  • Briefly tell how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • Select 15 bloggers to give this award to

How I started

I am the writing equivalent of a silk worm and needed someplace to store my silk. Raw silk, but, hey, silk is silk. I experimented a lot with content at first, trying hard to laser in on a specific theme (Kenny’s World of Ferrets, All About Egg Whites). That didn’t work.

Two Sagely Pieces of Advice

1) Work out! This is your gym. The more you write, the more you’ll find your voice (yeah, I know, mixed metaphor, so sue me). My writing—fiction, drama, screenplays, essays—becomes less flabby the more time I spend in the blog gym!

2) Use the Reader, Luke! You can build your following by entering tag words on the WordPress Reader to find others who post on the same topics you do (love, grace, ferrets). Then go to their sites, read their stuff, leave comments. And bam! Maybe a slow bam, but bam, nevertheless.

And now, from my recent discoveries (people who’ve followed me and who I think are cool–not exactly the same thing, but close):

The Nominees

About mitchteemley

Writer, Filmmaker, Humorist, Thinker-about-stuffer
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44 Responses to My Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Thanks for the nomination, Mitch! I’ll be passing this on soon.

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  2. ssgirls910 says:

    Thanks for being a mentor to me! You are teaching me about Christian Life, Life in General & Blogging!

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  3. Wow! Congratulations!

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  4. nanciec13 says:

    way to go! Congrats!!

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  5. Well. Here on the Stillwater River, in the middle of a LOT of snow, my co-author, God, and I are both honored and determined to keep learning about blogging. Feels like joining a new culture. Still a little flummoxed and shy, but happy. Thanks, Mitch!

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  7. CatherineK33 says:

    Thanks for the blogging advice… definitely looking to write more and get more of a following for my hard work! … Also I will check out the blogs you listed too. THanks!


  8. Congratulations! Thanks for the advice! New here so absorbing what I can.

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  10. Erika Kind says:

    Congratulations, Mitch 😊

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  11. “London”, your “favourite city”? Why the “u” in favorite? You spell that like a Briti…oh…I see what you did there, sir; I see what you did there.

    Well played.

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  12. Thank you so much for participating Mitch!!! 😀 My name is Jess.

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  13. Mona Earnest says:

    Congratulations!!! 🙂

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  14. Congratulations, Mitch! – And of course THANK YOU so much for the nomination! I’m honored and flattered!! This is great!

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  15. dawnlizjones says:

    You are W-A-Y cooler than Beyonce and the Grammys anytime. Glad that somebody is showing good taste.

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  17. BelleUnruh says:

    Good advice to new bloggers. Thank you for nominating me, Mitch. I’ll have to wait until my posts on my sister’s book are finished.

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  18. Thanks alot for the nomination. It’s a great honor.

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  19. You’re confirmed by generation after generation. So there is no argument at all by Beyonce, Stephen L. Hawking, and Mahatma Gandhi. Congratulations!!

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  20. chape says:

    Congrats Mitch!
    I love the advice 🙂

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  21. smzang says:

    Many thanks, and a huge congratulations to you Mitch.

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  22. Congratulations for 8 or 10th awards, Mitch! 🙂 You deserve it!

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  23. Mitch how do I post on the Blogger Recognition Award site? I’m so grateful to you. I’m doing a post on my blog about it now.

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  24. Good morning Mitch (afternoon here in France), as a relatively new blogger I was happy and surprised to see your ‘likes’ on a couple of my posts, so of course I had to come and check out your blog. I love your style of writing and although definitely a non-believer I have really enjoyed the subjects you are covering. Keep sending your thoughts out there! Juliet

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