My Leap of Life

“The Mountaineer’s words burned a hole in my heart, causing his light and life to pour in.” Seemed like the right time to share this again.

Mitch Teemley


You’re caught in a blinding blizzard and you reach the edge of a cliff. The way back is death. The way forward is unknowable. And so you leap, hoping—without evidence—that you will land on something, rather than plunge into the abyss.

To manythis is what “leap of faith” (the term coined by the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard) means. And it is why many apologists–defenders of rational faith–dislike the term. Nevertheless, I find myself returning to it again and again. Not only because it sharply describes my original “leap,” but because, as a hysterical skeptic prone to bouts of emotional disbelief (fearing that what I believe is simply too wonderful to be true), I remake the leap almost daily.

But is it rational? Francis Schaeffer, the 20th century theologian whose apologetics were of great help to me in the shaky early days of my faith (I once made a…

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3 Responses to My Leap of Life

  1. John Sayers says:

    Thanks Mitch I got into my office early today 7AM and it is giving me some time to respond to email and maybe even Facebook. It also gave me time to read this post. Thanks for the devotion and Lord give me your wisdom, strength, faith to leap when YOU say LEAP.

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  2. John S says:

    Mitch this time I did respond on your post.Thanks John

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  3. knabbler says:

    “I remake the leap almost daily.” It’s nice to know I’m not the only one. 😉

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