Isn’t it great how old technology can be repurposed?

For example, this 1995 landline telephone

telephone-clip-art-236886is now a state-of-the-art RoboCall Receiving Device!

Survey: Do you still have a landline?  If so, when was the last time you received a call from an actual human being who wasn’t your mother?

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16 Responses to Repurposed!

  1. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Thanks for the belly laugh!

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  2. jeffw5382 says:

    Just disconnected from, the hard wired phone, last month

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  3. Jon says:

    I live so far out in the sticks that the cell phone is useless. And, I just got off of a phone call from a friend. Dinosaurs R Us.

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  4. Yes. We still have landline and it’s weird now that you talk about it. Hahaha

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  5. Paula says:

    I got rid of mine when I became homeless for 6 months. I have a home now and a cell phone. #robocalls = #annoying

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  6. Landlines are still in very good use here in the UK. Ours is free as part of our broadband package. Most people have a mobile number and a landline number. The landline is used to make calls to other landlines, but not generally to call mobile phones because that costs more and, depending on the type of service you have with your mobile provider, mobiles are used to call other mobiles as well as landlines. Confused yet? Genuinely didn’t know that landlines had been superseded in the US. How do most people connect to the internet?

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    • mitchteemley says:

      Sandy, in the U.S., cable TV companies and local phone companies sell high speed internet service with or without accompanying phone service. Is that different in the UK?


      • Probably the same. I guess there’s a cultural link to landline ownership, whatever that may be!

        In the same vein, is it true that in the US you don’t generally have chip and pin or contactless to pay for things?

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    • mitchteemley says:

      True, the chip and pin contactless payment system exists here, but is only gradually being adopted. I still use a conventional credit card, although with a chip reader rather than a magnetic stripe.


      • Isn’t it strange how similar ‘first world’ countries have their differences when it comes to technology? Another example would be Japan, where people have their lighting on remote control and digitised toilets(!) yet many homes have no central heating. As they say over here: there’s nowt so queer as folk 😏

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  7. TheHairy1 says:

    UK internet service providers, with one recent exception, require a landline service with the braodband package, otherwise you are getting into (expensive) business broadband.
    Our landline handset lives under a cupboard, as it is not generally used – interesting responses when it rings 🙂
    Effective 4G service outside the cities (we live in the countryside) has only come into being in the last year or so, and even that is “iffy”. better 4G on the Mozambique and South African coasts and in Europe!

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