Please Don’t Forgive Me!

I posted this last year (and still mean every word of it), but am hearing “Merry Christmas” in public much more this year. You?

Mitch Teemley

presentation1When I say Merry Christmas in public, I’m often rewarded with a two part response: First, the “Oh, you insensitive boob” look; then the “Ah, but your (baby boomer) generation doesn’t know any better” look.

Just for the record, I do know better.9876176_1

The Christmases I grew up with were nearly as secular as the “Happy Holidays” are today. True, back then department store employees (whether Christian, Buddhist, or agnostic) said Merry Christmas718b82dab2a3837511166bf96afc8352_hwhen they handed you your hula hoop or argyle socks. But most of the time it had no more meaning than when one atheist says “goodbye” (Old English for “God be with ye”) to another.

So please don’t forgive me when I wish you aMerry Christmas! Confront me. Rebuke me. Or better yet, ask me why. Because, after growing up saying those words but not believing them—Christmas means “Christ’s Sending”—I fell in love with the one who was…

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16 Responses to Please Don’t Forgive Me!

  1. John Sayers says:

    Sorry where you live people think that way when you say MERRY CHRISTMAS. Where I live most folks just reply back MERRY CHRISTMAS. I think in public places that tell their employers to say “Happy Holidays” but when a person says “Merry Christmas” to them they can respond back the same way. So Mitch for you and your friends who get a negative response my prayer is that you not only will keep wishing folks a Merry Christmas but you will also find places where you will also get a positive response back. MERRY CHRISTMAS

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  2. John S says:

    Hi Mitch I did make a comment to your post. Merry Christmas old friend

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  3. Does it really matter whether it is happy holidays or Merry Christmas ? So long it is said with respect to all, I am certain God does not mind at all. He is after all forgiving, kind, and most of all tolerant. When I am around people, although I was raised Catholic, I don’t know what beliefs people around me have. To be on the safe side happy holidays seems appropriate and I am the least offended hearing it back. The good intention are there, and that is good enough.

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  4. says:

    Merry Christmas to a very sensitive boob.

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  5. Mitch, first of all for visiting and enjoying my site. To your question, yes I have noticed more “Merry Christmas!” greetings and with more enthusiasm. One one hand I agree with Tink that at some level it does not matter, but on the other either one should not matter. We were in the store the other day and struck up a conversation with a self-identified Jewish man. At the end, my wife wished him Happy Hanukkah, and he wished her Merry Christmas in return. Is this not true celebration of diversity? Not suppression, but expression.

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  6. BelleUnruh says:

    My husband told me he hears, “Merry Christmas,” much more often this year. I think that is nice.

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  7. Well said! Merry Christmas to you too! And the Lord bless you! God bless you! Jesus is the reason for the season! Life without Jesus is no life at all! Steven R. Harrel

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  8. kerbey says:

    I told a telemarketer today, “No, thank you but Merry Christmas.”

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  9. I thought about this as I sent my children’s teachers their Merry Christmas presents. And they attend a Christian school. So sad that we think twice about two simple, powerful, reason for the season phrases. Merry Christmas Mitch!

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  10. Merry Christmas Mitch! 🙂

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