I Was a Boy Martyr!

“Never look for justice in this world, but never cease to give it.”              ~Oswald Chambers

Mitch Teemley


Why Life Isn’t Fair, Part Two

(to read Why Life Isn’t Fair, Part One, click here)

In the autumn of my 4th grade year, my buddy Rory and I became obsessed with constructing miniature villages. The result, under one particular twig-shedding tree, was a hamlet of remarkable charm. We worked on it during school recesses and quickly garnered rave reviews from multiple cute girls. In fact, our little town, populated by disoriented ants and roly-polies, was dubbed “Adoraville” by none other than Melinda Aardman, the miniature_mossy_twig_house_2most beautiful nine year old in the universe.

Unfortunately, we also attracted a nemesis: the formerly benign Mrs. Gibbons. I’d been in her class the year before and had been one of her favorites. What changed? I’ll never know.

On an unusually warm late fall day, she decided to punish her 3rd graders by making them stay inside and eat their lunches in…

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