So Many Holidays, So Little Time!

      Why is everybody shopping online? I thought it was Cyber Monk Day.       (P.S. I painted a selfie.)

Yeah, I know…it’s just that there’s so much spending going on I figure we’re all going to have to live like monks to pay the bills! Last week (following Thanksgiving in the U.S.) we had Black Friday, the monkprayerbiggest buying day of the year (I proposed a new holiday for the day after, called Misgiving, but so far it hasn’t caught on).

And now it’s Cyber Monday, the second biggest buying day of the year. Since Misgiving didn’t catch on, I humbly suggest that we call the day after Cyber Monday  Destitute Tuesday. Or better yet, assuming you have any money left…

How about embracing Giving Tuesday, a very legitimate and very worthy holiday that’s been growing for several years and is now celebrated in over 70 countries. You can tie it to Christmas, too: many charities (e.g. World Vision and Heifer International) have holiday catalogues that allow you to donate in a friend’s or relative’s name. Suggestion: add a token item to the gift card, such as a ar-08757-2tsmall stuffed animal or figurine to remind them of the baby chicks or goats, or farm implements (or?) that were donated in their name. Because, hey, holidays may come and go, but…

Love is here to stay.

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7 Responses to So Many Holidays, So Little Time!

  1. jac forsyth says:

    Haha, I love Misgiving and Destitute Tuesday. They may never get official recognition, but in a small part of England, they will be forever celebrated.

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  2. renedith says:

    …keep at it…your ideas sound legit to me. I will vote for them. Great post, thank you. ren

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  3. Lucie says:

    So does “Giving Tuesday” come BEFORE “Destitute Tuesday”? ;)p

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  4. knabbler says:

    Love this post! Regards!

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