The Right Person

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe spend so much of our lives waiting for “the right person.” The right person to marry. The right person to hire us for that career-making job. The right person to make it happen, whatever “it” is.

Many years ago, after diving into a relationship with someone who “might be the one” (she wasn’t), I asked my unattached friend Craig, “What about you? Haven’t found the right person yet?” His answer was not what I expected:

“No. I haven’t been the right person yet.”

That phrase burrowed its way into my brain and still lives there.

So much in life takes longer than we expect, or never happens at all, at least not the way we expect it to. But keep going, keep growing. Because while you’re looking for it, it is looking for you. And it won’t be able to find you until you’re…

the right person.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heavens.”  ~Ecclesiastes 3:1

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46 Responses to The Right Person

  1. A two way street, I think…

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  2. Amen, Mitch! I love your friend’s response. I remember all those times I thought I had met “the one,” realizing later that he wasn’t. After a lot of growth and a little maturity, I realized that I would’ve done more harm than good in those relationships at that time. I’m so grateful that God knows what he’s doing, because I certainly didn’t (and sometimes still don’t). I’m married today, but without God’s constant care, we’d be lost.

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  4. Mike Cullen says:

    nice one Mitch.,…thanks


  5. prinxy says:

    👏👏 👍.. Nice One Mitch

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  6. Lilly says:

    This post resonates with me today because I have been contemplating going out to dinner with a man. My ex-husband left nearly five years ago and I have not ventured out into the dating world yet. I almost did once (with the man I mentioned), but quickly changed my mind. I think I have been waiting until I have completely healed from that relationship and grown into a spiritually, emotionally, and mentally healthier woman. Thanks for the reassurance!

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  7. Daal says:

    fortunately, we often get what we need rather than what we want. life is meant to be enjoyed, regardless of whether we’re alone or with someone 🙂

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  8. Delyn Merce says:

    I LOVE this truth!! God bless you 🙂

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  9. wildrosebeauty says:


    Great post!

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  10. God’s timing is SO amazing. My husband Gary and I were just talking about this today. He served as an Excecutive Pastor for years, and an Associate Pastor prior to that… Then at age 60 God called him to be a Senior Pastor. Sad but true, it did take us ‘that’ long to ‘become’ the right people…for sure! Thank you Mitch…not only for your constant words of wisdom and food for thought, but today…for the affirmation! May our Lord continue to bless you in all you do…as you bless so many!!! 😊To God be the glory! ☝🏻️

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  11. Thank you for this message today. It is certainly true.

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  12. This is all SO true…but somwtimes you have to be your own “right person”

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  13. Beautiful true words of wisdom, Mitch!

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  14. DeniseBalog says:

    Love seeing your posts pop up on my email and reader Mitch! You are “right on” on this one! I SO desired to have children at the time I wanted to have children, 28 to 30 years old, but God had another plan and “right” or PERFECT timing for me! Husband and I were blessed after 15 years of marriage to have a son. He is 18 years old, and as “mature” parents, we were able to enjoy all the pleasures of travel, dinners, getting to know each other, and then, enjoy the responsibility of parenthood. Now do not misunderstand, I kicked, cried, and carried on for not getting my way, in my time back in my late 20’s to 30’s, but once I accepted, not my will but His, we were surprised abundantly!!! Thank you for your words of truth and wisdom! blessings friend, denise

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  15. askriverbed says:

    Yes – perfect. He is fashioning you (and all of us) more and more into the likeness of His flawless Son. Great perspective – thanks so much for your encouragement and example!

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  16. Andreea Sufaru says:

    Yes INDEED!

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  17. Julia Soriano says:

    I have a friend (now married) who was single for many years. This was not like her. She is beautiful, funny.and always dating. Later I asked her about those years and she said, “I was a mess and I realized that anyone who liked me then would be attracted to my yuckiness and that would be awful. Wise words. I once got into a relationship when I was a “mess” and when I started to emerge from the darkness, we had a full-blown tragic disaster on our hands! It is always best to look to God for safe haven while you weather the storm.

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  18. pjlazos says:

    Love this post. Still trying to become the right person myself.

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  19. Roos Ruse says:

    How I wish I’d done as you about 25 years ago! I’m still working on being the right one for me so I’ll be ready if and when… whatever. Timeless wisdom, Mitch.

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  20. So true! This is what I’ve been working on myself! It’s much more exciting (and productive!) to focus on your own growth, and fix what’s wrong with yourself….rather than trying to change “everyone else”. Too bad it took me so many years to figure it out, but I still haven’t even decided what I want to be when I grow up, so it’s par for the course LOL. Happy Halloween!

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  21. Connie Farrand Kehoe says:

    Thanks, Mitch…
    So very true. Makes me realize that when I got married that I may have been the “right”one for my dear husband, but I definitely wasn’t the “right” one for me. Now, 45 years later, after much very very hard work, I am finally the right “me”, and thankfully my husband always knew who I was and waited (and put up with me through the process).

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  22. Great post. Just wrote a similar article on my page.

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  23. Laura Grace says:

    Very well stated! I wish I had known that sooner. 🙂

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  24. Agree with the others – very well stated! And not so sure I ‘agree’ with the ‘LadiesWho…” (yes, two way street) but as we all know, we represent ourselves different when going through the new stage, obviously the real person showed through eventually (thus it not working out). As a dating ‘service’ I would recommend they not make what appeared to be as a ‘curt’ statement… 🙂

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