The Wishing Map 36

Have you ever experienced the seductive charm of being “celebrated”?  Who doesn’t, on some level, desire to be a hero?

Mitch Teemley

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The Wishing Map

Chapter Nine: The Ties That Un-bind (Continued)

Previously: Delaying her search for her brother, Gina traveled with the millboy B’frona and her newly adopted dragon whelp “Puff” to a nearby village.

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The moment they entered Rennou, they were engulfed. Farmers came in from their fields, farm wives brought them fresh-baked shrennel bread, and children lined up to pet Puff. Everyone praised his beautiful leaf-pattern markings, his iridescent bronze and scarabaeid scales, his graceful wings and lacey tail. His horn nubs and artfully drooping ears were declared “perfect.” There was a consensus that, while all Frengan dragons were beautiful, Puff was clearly themost beautiful!

“We found him together,” said Gina, patting B’frona in the same way people were patting Puff. Her revelation brought him positive notice—at least at first. Boys knocked their knees…

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