Next President of the U.S.?

I first posted this at the start of the year. Am I a prophet or what? Of course, this is who wins every election in every country on earth, so it’s kind of easy to predict. But this year more than ever!

Mitch Teemley

WASHINGTON, Jan. 27 (United Press Irrational) – According to a recent telephone survey by the National Association for the Hearing Impaired, over 90% of Americans say their vote for the next President of the United States will go to:

Two Weevils

Small and moderate in behavior, the LTW (Lesser of Two Weevils) is non-carnivorous–unlike most politicians. Although it does (like the Kennedys, Bushes and Clintons) tend to lay eggs, making it difficult to extricate its successors once they have gained a toehold. Nevertheless, a louder more destructive weevil will sometimes Trump them in the polls.

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3 Responses to Next President of the U.S.?

  1. Lol…I saw a bumper sticker that read “Neither One” 2016.

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  2. connieszone says:

    What do they say, “every time you are able to find humor in a difficult situation, you win! Thanks for the laugh!

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