Finding a Publisher

For my Writer friends

Oh, the humanity:

Am I the only writer who fears he’s lost the magic every time he sits down at a keyboard?  Ah, but then what made me think I had any magic to begin with? Writers wear two colognes, “l’insecurite” and “l’arrogance,” and never have to purchase either one–they’re pheromones.

“Writers rush in where publishers fear to tread.”  ~Guillermo C. Infante

“I write literary, not commercial, fiction, or so I’ve been told by my publishers who are proud I write literary fiction but secretly wish I wrote commercial.”  ~Tawni O’Dell

“Writers have talent. Publishers have opinions. One of these is essential.”  ~Me

How new authors get published:

“After a (successful) author has been dead for some time, it becomes increasingly difficult for his publishers to get a new book out of him.”  ~Robert Benchley

“Forget market or publishers or whatever.

Just write with fire and joy.”

~Patrick Ness

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23 Responses to Finding a Publisher

  1. “Just write with fire and joy”….what a great quote to inspire to! I have intended to write a new blog post since Tuesday. I have good intentions! However, good intentions make very poor blog posts!
    Thanks Mitch!

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  3. Let’s just stick to writing with “fire and joy” and hope for the best. Put it in the Great Writer’s hands to guide us along the way.

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  4. Ha! A while back someone asked why I didn’t write commercially and I so wanted to quip, well obviously because I am very virtuous and believe money is beneath me.

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  5. Kayla Johnson says:

    Ha! So true. I think I manage to wear both colognes at the same time. Does that mean I’m a writer?? Wait, did that sound arrogant?! Crap, now I’m being insecure!

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  6. Nancy Ruegg says:

    What a great collection of quotes, Mitch, that touch the writer’s heart and funny bone!

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  7. tabitha59reachingout says:

    I used to want to publish a book until I learned how much time and effort it takes to find a publisher who actually wants your stuff. I decided to just enjoy the process of writing with fire and joy. It is still wonderful for me to use my voice after far too many years of not having one. God bless you for listening. 🙂

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  8. nancyehead says:

    Amen. Just sent my manuscript to my agent this week. Prayers appreciated. And God bless!

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  10. esorenneiluj25 says:

    Insecurities and arrogance is the greatest enemy of any writer in the world. 🙂

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  11. Simply-Me says:

    Love the quotes, especially ‘just write with fire and joy’.

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  12. Laura Grace says:

    I think my book Grace to the Rescue would make a great film. You should read it Mitch! 🙂 I would appreciate your prayers as well. There are so many out there that God couldn’t fix their marriage because one did not respond to prayers or to God but hardened their heart like Pharoah or like Abigail’s husband in the OT. I watched “the War Room” and honestly I’m grieved that every movie we see in the Christian realm Everything always comes up roses. In My case it just wasn’t so.
    I am, against all odds, starting this year with renewed confidence. I keep giving up all my writing and books to God “I give up” I surrender …If you don’t want me to write anymore say so! But he keeps whispering…..Press on. Please pray for me I’ve been burned by two publishers already who said they were “REAL” and were not. 😦 Thank you. I refuse to get discouraged.

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