New Blogger Blues

bia0ou6caaatyfbDear blogger friends: I wrote the little rant below a month after launching my blog site. Flash forward: I just crossed the 2,000 followers mark! THANK YOU!

Mitch Teemley

Dear blogger friends: I don’t usually play my I’M SO SAD violin in public;heck, I’m a borderline Pollyanna (one friend says I live “a charmed life.” SO not true!). But I AM SO SAD over the lack of visits to this new blog!

I think I write good stuff (OK, so I may be deluded), but the trickle of traffic is truly disheartening. Writers write to be read!  (My wife had to listen to me rant in a very ungodly manner last night!)  What can I do?

Experienced bloggers: Tips?  Help! Make me not sad!

OK, putting ego back in drawer now.

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29 Responses to New Blogger Blues

  1. trE says:

    Goodness! Happy 2k! That’s an amazing feat, Mitch!

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  2. Congratulations! May you continue to grow and blossom and may more and more people be blessed by your words!

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  3. wzippler says:

    I know the feeling. If I get over 5 likes I am over the moon! As for comments, at this point I would even be pleased if an anti-christian tried to tear me a new one on my blog. (As long as it were clean enough that I could actually approve the comment that is.)

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  4. Mike Cullen says:

    thanks Mitch….your original post is how I often feel so I appreciate knowing I am not alone

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  5. Congratulations! Your success story is no big mystery. You have a large quantity of followers because of the quality of your writing.

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  7. See, I still don’t fully understand the way the stats work. I notice you are celebrating 2000 followers, yet the counter on the upper right says you have 3,287. According to my dashboard I have 2,189 followers to my blog, but only 2700+ showing on the main page. What’s the deal? How does this work?

    Nevertheless, congrats on your numbers, whatever they really are 😉

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  8. hbhatnagar says:

    Congratulations Mitch! 🙂

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  9. I’m confused. Your sidebar says you got 3289 followers. Well, When Y2K came. I got 2000 new shiny pennies, put them in a jar, tied it with a pretty bow, and gave it to my daughter as one of the birthday presents. Her BD is Dec. 26. Hummm, when you got 2000 followers, somebody should have given you 2000 pieces of something to celebrate.

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  10. Fantastic! I’m not quite ready to revisit my own earlier rant posts, but perhaps eventually. Well done!

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  11. Congratulations, Mitch! 🙂 Keep making us laugh! 😉

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  12. Paula says:

    I’ll have to use that tool to get my posts up on my Twitter feed. I did it for awhile, but didn’t like the way they presented them, Seemed sort of impersonal. I haven’t been paying too much attention to it and don’t have a hit counter or anything to show followers. I’m not Jesus Christ (by ANY stretch of an imagination) and there were people who never followed or did for awhile and then walked away from Him.

    I do enjoy comments and especially hope people feel free to engage in a healthy and kind dialogue about what I write. Truth & Grace.

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    • mitchteemley says:

      Amen, Paula! I’m no master Tweeter, that’s for certain. I almost never post anything direct to Twitter and don’t really work at building my following there. Not sure how people do that, to tell the truth, outside of buying bogus followers. But God graciously works through anyone who’s willing.

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      • Paula says:

        While I have tried to Tweet with my own stuff and make sure the link to a blog post is there, my numbers climbed, but erratically. Don’t know enough about how those weird (bogus?) followers snag onto my hashtags. My writer friends and the so-called pros say if I want to establish myself as a writer and speaker, I need to build a platform. I’m not much of a carpenter either. ; )

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  13. Roos Ruse says:

    Congratulations on another milestone, Mitch and to the 2000!

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  14. natalie says:

    haha! It’s great reading this as a newbie >.<

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