The Wishing Map 31

Have you ever manipulated someone, and then felt remorse? What did you do next? Did you fix that bridge? Or did you burn it?

Mitch Teemley

Wishing pix-Title-(framed)

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The Wishing Map

Chapter Eight: Liulah (Continued)

Previously: Zack had begun changing into a cloud shepherd, and in the process forgotten about his lost sister.

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It would be nice to think Zack struggled against the change. But he didn’t. He embraced it. Yet somewhere in the deepest part of his mind he knew he was sacrificing something—or someone—in exchange for the safety and pleasure he was enjoying. He just couldn’t remember who it was.

They played for two days straight. Not that they knew it—sylphs don’t count time as humans do, in fact they don’t count time at all. Neither do they sleep. But they do think, and sometime during the second day, Liulah began to think very hard. She spoke the word “sister” out loud to herself over and over again. Finally she said…

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