Religious war

Any ideology (religious or atheistic) that requires you to kill those who disagree with you, or even to hate them, is a lie. Its roots are found not in the words “You shall have no other God” (Exodus 20:13), but in the words “You shall be as God” (the Serpent’s advice in Genesis 3:5). The seed of the forbidden fruit is pride, and its attraction is not the “knowledge of good and evil,” but the desire to decide what is good and evil, to sit on the throne of God.

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9 Responses to Pride

  1. chungwipff says:

    Important distinction!

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  2. Jay says:

    This is why religion is so scary to me.

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    • mitchteemley says:

      In a sense, Jay, I agree. But it really comes down to the state of the human heart. Stalin and Mao (and many others) have managed to persecute people just fine without religion. Jesus’ teachings, on the other hand, are completely at odds with the persecution of others.

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  3. Nancy Ruegg says:

    Well said, Mitch. Pride can easily keep anyone from seeking truth. Even when it’s presented with clarity and proof, pride can blind us to its accuracy.

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  4. One man’s pride, thousands of men’s sacrifice. I know it’s part of the history. When it’s made into a film, seeing it may not be my priority. Sorry, I know you are a filmmaker.

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  5. bdeckard92 says:

    Thanks Mitch, pride is one of my big issues and this post spoke to me on a day when I really needed the reminder that He is in control, not me.

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  6. Great cartoon, as well as the thought.

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  7. New York Wedding Band says:

    Awesome job.

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