Happy Labor Day!

laborday-e1346703374507-1So I Googled “labor” and the first thing that popped up was this image. Perfect! I thought. I mean, what better represents labor than Hello Kitty in a hard hat, ready to do some brawny construction work with her pink oven mitt and blue spatula?

Today is the day the United States (and Canada too, eh) celebrates labor! Most countries celebrate it on May 1st. But Americans refuse to give up their May Day, the day they set aside to celebrate, um, you know, whatchamacallit.

In America we spell labor with an o, as in, “O, crap, I have to go to work now.”

partiesBut in Great Britain they spell it with an o and a u, as in, “O, u have to go work now? Well, go right ahead. We’ll just have a spot of tea and watch!”  In fact, Brits like labour so much that they celebrate it year round with a Labour Party!

surprising-labor-and-delivery-facts-woman-in-labor-fullWomen are unique in that they may suddenly decide to celebrate labor at any time. My wife, for example, once celebrated labor in October, on the same day they were celebrating labour in New Zealand. Too bad we didn’t have a video hook-up so they could have had tea and celebrated right along with her!

Whenever you celebrate it and however you spell it, I hope your Labo(u)r Day is wonderful!  Now, get back to work!


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13 Responses to Happy Labor Day!

  1. John S says:

    Heading to one of our favorite places today..THE ZOO.  Going to see if their is any labor going on.  Still jazzed Mitch we have connected even if it is just by email or Facebook. By the way while I have your email ears, keep our Jail Banquet in your prayers Sept 20.  Not sure you know but Good News Jail & Prison Chaplains are NOT paid by the jail, we are missionaries and our mission field is the Jail.  The Banquet is a great time to share our story which is really HIS STORY.  Our jail theme has always been THROUGH GOD PEOPLE CHANGE.   Thanks again for your open and real faith and relationship with our LordJohn

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  2. Hahaha, love the Hello Kitty!

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  3. Roos Ruse says:

    Sure it’s all good to know – somehow, somewhere the information you so delightfully provide will come in handy. I hope you and the family are having a lovely, holiday weekend. ❤

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  4. Erika Kind says:

    Haha…. I spent 4 Labor Days… 1 in the US and 3 in hospital… lol!

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  5. Lucie says:

    Gonna celebrate by laboring over my last will and testament…..fun times in our household today!!! 😉 LOL!

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  6. My labor day was the day after Christmas. That means I spent the Christmas in the hospital before my labor day. So far, we have never combined the two celebrations, keep them separate – one day of Happy birthday to Jesus, and one day happy birthday for my daughter! In fact when I saw your first picture, I thought of the third picture before I scrolled down 🙂

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  7. Intriguing post and I love how I was both entertained and also learned some new things.

    Cheers! ^_^

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  8. Paula says:

    Our second child was due to be born the end of August. I was miserable after going through our long hot summer. As we neared the end of the month, my husband asked, “Think you can wait a few more days and have the baby on Labor Day?” Said husband received The Wife Look. Sarah was born August 29, four days before labo(u)r day. Thank God!

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  9. blackhorseman says:


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