Dream Logic


I dreamed I’d flown to London.

I was about to call my wife to tell her,

“Honey, we’ve landed safely,”

when the alarm went off.

My first thought was,

I’ll leave her a message,

but there was no time.

So I said as I opened my eyes,

“Darling, I’m in London.”

When you’re stuck between Death and Life,

the up-is-down logic of Neverwas

makes preposterous sense.

We live in a middling place, you and I,

in the land of Neverwas,

the land between Death and Life.

Believing in Evermore

(even if we say we don’t),

yet living as though Neverwas was Evermore.

Planning our present while we drop,

ignoring the Ocean

in which we’re about to plop.

Neverwas is crowded and cruel,

speckled with motes of Beauty.

But we resolutely believe

the motes are all there is.

And so we fight to own them,

to control them,

even as they vanish,

for they are only flecks of a limitless Beauty

that belongs to Someone else.

Soon now

we will splash into that infinite Ocean

and find ourselves on the shores of Evermore.

But if we have lived on dream logic

we will not know how to walk inland.

Nor will we even want to.

Our hearts will stay bound to Neverwas.

And all that will remain of us

will be the sense of Death

upon which we fed.

And it will be too late

to learn the sense of Life.

About mitchteemley

Writer, Filmmaker, Humorist, Thinker-about-stuffer
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15 Responses to Dream Logic

  1. Thank you so very much. I am in the middle of that sense. I know that will pass, and soon will be waking to the only moment, present. Hopefully before the day is over. 🙂

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  2. atimetoshare.me says:

    Love tbis.😍

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  3. Roos Ruse says:

    So. Deeply. Stirring. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. I really like this poem. Oddly enough, I have been thinking about this topic recently. Take care.

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  5. Mitch now that I no longer work I tend to remember my Dreams more clearly. I find that I am often in a familiar work type situation( a financial crisis or a merger) although the setting is often new and the people are a hodgepodge of people from my old work life or who I knew personally. No one person seems to be in the type of role they would have actually been in during my waking hours. And now, more than ever, my Dreams have former mentors, work friends or family who are no longer living. But its good to see them.
    So great poem about Dreams, Life and Death!
    Brad James, author The Business Zoo

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  6. mitchteemley says:

    Reblogged this on Mitch Teemley and commented:

    Production on my new feature film has been completed! I’ll write about the experience in a new Filmmaker’s Journal entry next week. Meanwhile, here’s a meditation on something infinitely more important, no matter how passionate I may be about my current project. Have a wonderful weekend–and an even better eternity–my friends.

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  7. nancyehead says:

    Fabulous wordcraft, Mitch. God bless!

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  8. So powerful and profound, Mitch!

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  9. theburningheart says:

    Ah, dreams!

    So evanescent, so lucid some times, or just mumbo jumbo, forgetful at most times, seldomly ineffable, and ever lasting…. 🙂

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