The Key to Success?

SuccessSo, yeah, failure is the key to success. Yada-yada. I hate that. Don’t you?  Nevertheless, it’s true. (Dammit.) But wait, what about those exasperating stories of people for whom success came easily? Have you read the follow-up accounts? Their success always seems to turn to misery. Why? Because…

Failure is the key to maturity (if we allow it to be). And maturity is the key to true success. As James said 2,000 years ago:


If there’s anything worse than failing on the way to success, it’s succeeding on the way to failure. So, hey, I’d rather be a will-be than a has-been. How about you?

Oh, alright, one more quote (since you insist):


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7 Responses to The Key to Success?

  1. I learning to do leather work. My wife cannot understand why I work so hard at a project and then chunk it. It was because I’m learning through my failures what not to do the next time.

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  2. Lucie says:

    Hm.. a will-be than a has-been….I like that. Yep, I definitely like that. Thanks for the thought for the day…… 😉

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  3. I will take the will-be status. Great thoughts.

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  4. Curt Dilon says:

    Thank you Mitch! Your support really helps me keep going. I really needed, since I just started my blog. Thanks again! :)… regarding the topic… success is the state of mind and state of perspective, I think… “Live you life unnoticeably” Epicurus (so much in this quote, maybe not…lol)

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  5. 6x6 Success says:

    Very true, great article!

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