Happy Blogday Two Me!

number_2_birthday_candle_by_fotofrenzy9My Second Blogday came and went a couple of weeks ago without my even noticing. Which indicates that I’m growing up, I suppose. I mean, heck, I’m in my “terrible twos,” cruising around, breaking stuff all over the internet.

For years I wondered why Mom called me “a bowl in a china closet.” What was the origin of this porcelainic intolerance? Why should bowls be barred from china closets? Was it the result of slander by insecure saucers? But then my high school girlfriend said, “It’s ‘bull,’ not bowl, Mitch.” “Oh, well, that I can see,” I replied. “And your mom was right,” she added. “You are.”

So now we are two. Which in dog years is more like 13, actually. And I’m thinking it’s true of blog years, as well. So look out, hide the china. Because I’m now…

An adolescent bull in a china closet!

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26 Responses to Happy Blogday Two Me!

  1. Josh says:

    Yey! Congratulations !! 🙂


  2. Roos Ruse says:

    So, you can imagine my concern imagining the guy in the ointment! Congratulations on two great years. I’m delighted to know you, Mitch (,Trudy, etc.)! ❤

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  3. Ha! Very funny! Congratulations on the blog-day. 🙂

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  4. Ritu says:

    Happy 2nd blogiversary Mitch!!

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  5. middleageme says:

    Congrats on your blog-day! I’ve thought of blogging as part of my re-birth and now I have the happy image of future blog-days to come as motivation to keep going. Keep writing!

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  6. Erika Kind says:

    Congratulations, Mitch! Happy second blog day!!!

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  7. Lucie says:

    I can’t believe you’re two! What a big boy you’re growing up to be! My goodness, it seems like yesterday that you and I first learned to walk together…..time sure flies when you’re having a good time! 🙂 (((((Hugs!!)))) Lucie<3

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  8. cat9984 says:

    Good thing I didn’t send that porcelain foyer bowl I had in mind

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  9. Nancy Ruegg says:

    After 18 months enjoying/learning from/being inspired by your posts, Mitch, I can’t imagine the blogosphere without them! A worthy addition indeed (as opposed to some 99,999 others out there). Keep them coming, please?

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  10. Paula says:

    Happy blogiversary, Mitch. I haven’t been reading for the whole time, but have been entertained and inspired during the time I’ve spent with you.
    You reminded me that I began to blog (again; new slant/new title) two years ago this Saturday. My first post was barely there, if you know what I mean. But it meant a lot to me.
    http://wp.me/p4vTu6-h “My Big, Big World”
    Thanks again for your inspiration each day and I’m looking forward to updates on the movie.

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  11. inesephoto says:


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  12. Congratulations on your blogiversary. You are a tenacious bull ‘cos staying on course with blogging is no mean feat. To many more years.

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