Because I love the Olympics (and animals) and because I’m in a ridiculous mood at the moment, here’s a slideshow tribute to some great animathletes:

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15 Responses to Animalympics

  1. The Chaos Realm says:

    Yay, Olympics and animals!

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  2. Cats would win most events, I think – except those involving water. 🙂

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  3. Lady G says:

    These are amazing!

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  4. Mike Cullen says:

    haha Thanks Mitch !! I love animals too and I needed a smile

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  5. Roos Ruse says:

    Love the expression on the young tiger’s face. “Aw, Ma!”

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  6. [Animo World] is good,have a look at it! https://­


  7. Oh the frog is so cute 🐸

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