Fool’s Odyssey 22

Fool's Odyssey

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Chapter Six: Bread Upon the Water (Continued)

Previously: A failure in his brief lives of materialism, sensualism, and idealism, The Fool found no new lives to pursue.

The next day I bought a ticket for L.A. USA,

and waited at the terminal all day,

till nearly nine at night.

We finally got on the plane.


That April sixteenth was the longest in history.

The moon kept drifting around like a

special effect in a movie about time travel

while I kept drifting around thinking timeless things:


My life in the world had been

like an old Warner Brothers’ cartoon.

I was always bounding down some bogus turnpike

toward some tunnel that always turned out to be

merely painted on the side of a mountain,

getting splattered against the hard face of reality,

and then getting up and running off to do it again.

A million variations on the same sight gag,

that was my life.


I fell into a middle state,

“discombobulated,” as they say in

wherever it is they say things like that.

But finally, gently, I wandered into a humble sleep

whilst overhead the angels waged their cosmic wars.

At first I dreamed I was a paranoid Pauline in her perils,

then a heavenly Harold Lloyd

clumsily edging my way along the ledge of Heaven.

And each time I would slip a crowd would gather in Hell

and yell,

“Jump, jump, jump!”


Then suddenly, I was back on the plane

and a stewardess was handing me a piece of paper

upon which I had to indicate who I was

and what I was bringing back into the country.

“Nothing,” I wrote, “nothing” was what I was bringing back.

In fact, “nothing” was the answer to the first question, too.

To all questions.

“Jump, jump, jump–”

bump—the plane had landed.

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