Clarification with Raspberry


So my post yesterday (Artsy Liberals?) succeeded in offending people on both ends of the political spectrum! And as a result, a small rash of un-follows followed (I’m currently applying a topical ointment for the rash). Amusingly, both conservatives and liberals thought I was making fun of them. Hence, to both I offer this sincere pseudo-apology (raspberry): I was.

OK, not really. My purpose was to tease stereotypes, not liberal types or conservative types. (Personally, I’m a radical moderate, an independent with intent.)

More importantly, my purpose was simply to support those I love–no matter where they fall on the political spectrum. And this includes my African-American friends.

I’ll conclude by ruffling a few more feathers: I think offering “All Lives Matter” as an alternative to “Black Lives Matter” is ineffective, at best, and at times offensive, in the same way that it’s inappropriate to stand up at someone’s funeral and shout, “Hey, other people die, too, you know!” Other people do, indeed, die, but that’s not the time or place to shout it. Wear your breast cancer ribbon at the Breast Cancer Awareness event. Wear your ALS ribbon at the ALS Awareness event. And don’t confuse the two. Instead…

Love them both.

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31 Responses to Clarification with Raspberry

  1. dawnlizjones says:

    So yeah, I love you my gutsy friend!! Now I shall go over to the post in question and choose not to be offended.

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  2. I think at times we moderate types are too quiet — or perhaps simply drowned out by all the shouting. In any case, it can be difficult to remember that there are others out there, who don’t choose to lean too far one way or the other, who understand that to topple is not necessarily a noble end. Bless you.

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  3. Well played, good sir. Love the funeral analogy, it makes the point perfectly.
    Curious, did you get a notice from WordPress when the offended ones unfollowed you, or did they tell you themselves?

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    • mitchteemley says:

      Thank you, CJ. I noticed the drop in follows (there were also some new follows) and figured the un-follows were for the same reasons as those given in response to my tie-in post on Facebook.

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      • Thanks. I appreciate knowing that as I recently unfollowed a person. Not due to anything they said, but for how often they said it. (We’re talking several times a day!) I now know to check how often a person posts before I choose to follow.
        You can offend me all you want, just don’t clog up my email! 😉

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  4. K. Johnson says:

    Hi Mitch, I’m still not blogging but every now and then I check in on your site. Just wanted to say I appreciate your consistent wisdom and love for all. It’s comforting and encouraging.

    Another Radical Moderate

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  5. socialbridge says:

    Is it cos I’m Irish that your previous post didn’t offend me at all? Anyway, I love today’s.
    Overall, I think the no politics, no religion thing can lead to a lot of very similar posts but they tend to be hassle-free which isn’t real life.
    Blogging is interesting in this regard, methinks.

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  6. I thought your posts were both great. I agree that the slogan “All lives matter” is offensive and racist. UNTIL Black Lives Matter is TRUE, All Lives Matter is a lie. Keep up the good work, Mitch.

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    • mitchteemley says:

      Thank you, Painterly!
      I wouldn’t go so far as to label the slogan “All Lives Matter” racist (I have some well-meaning friends who use it in a sincere attempt to be inclusive), I just disagree with its efficacy.

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  7. smzang says:

    I smiled at ‘Artsy Liberal’. I like the warmth obviously shared by you and your wife and I got the point. The point is labels are limiting.

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  8. Matt says:

    That’s funny, I wasn’t offended at all about your artsy post (I actually quite liked it) and I’m a liberal so most things offend me. And, yeah, All Lives Matter is so obnoxious.

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  9. Paul Abernathy says:


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  10. The offense kicks in when the folk you give voice to are also singing, chanting, celebrating, and calling for the deaths of police.

    Are black men fearful of being killed by police? Yes. I read where Kamau Bell says he told his kid that someday it might happen that he is killed by a cop.

    Are police fearful of being killed doing their jobs, like the five in Dallas? Yes. Every policeman, every policeman’s wife and family live with the knowledge that s/he might not come home at the end of the day’s shift. Two court bailiffs stand as mute testimony to that.

    As long as BLM is comprised of and represented by bad actors and bad actions, it seems that aligning with them is damaging to a Christian’s bona fides as a credible witness for Christ.


    • mitchteemley says:

      I appreciate your concerns, Curmudgeonly. My respectful response: If my support for Black Lives Matter, police officers, or Christianity, for that matter, were predicated upon their being un-compromised by the presence of any racists, I would be unable to support all three. I heard no “death to police” chants or speeches in the 3 hour rally I attended. If anyone in the crowd had started such a chant, I’m certain they would have been silenced by those around them (at least 40% of whom were white, btw). The national BLM organization has called the killing of the police officers in Dallas “a tragedy.” Are they perfect? No, they’re made up of people.


  11. I quite enjoyed the post. I love this one even more. All posts matter! 😉

    I totally get what you meant at the end, all kidding aside. I also agree, we should all just love one another.

    I don’t understand all the hate. It makes no sense to me, and quite often what gets souls so riled up is silly. If you really take a step back in life and look at the broader picture, much of what humanity fights over is just plain silly.

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  12. Lucie says:

    I don’t know what you said to have people “unfollow ” you, but I can’t believe you were so offensive that people choice to do that. A friend and I were just having a similar conversation on our walk today….I think if they’d tweak the slogan to “bl0ack Lives Matter 2 “, many people would be a bit more understanding. And I understand why they didn’t and don’t have that as a slogan. I am just saying more people would understand it.

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  13. syddent says:

    I liked your analogy of the funeral. And more power to you. One little food for thought – if you have stated an opinion and haven’t caused someone to question, does it really matter?

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  14. “For God so loved the world . . .” Time to stop the hate. Comfort those who need comfort. When someone shouts or whispers, “Black lives matter,” we should respond with, “Yes. They do.” Because they do.

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  15. Mitch, well now I know who I am……a radical moderate. I was not offended and I stand shoulder to shoulder with you in all things that are moderately radical or even radically moderate. Just don’t call me neutral. I hate neutral…….and ‘sledhead’. I hate sledhead (that was my nickname in high school).Keep on moderating and radicalizing.

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  16. K E Garland says:

    Oh dear. Guess I missed the fun post that bothered everybody! Off to read it now 🙂

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