Pastor Trump?


Donald Trump has reportedly accepted Jesus as his savior.  (New York Times, June 25).

Two thoughts: 1) I sincerely hope this is true, but… celebrity conversions usually turn out to be dud firework displays (and, frankly, limelight is not the ideal light for spiritual growth); 2) New believers do not necessarily make good presidents.  Especially those who’ve spent the last 70 years avoiding humility and wisdom.

So I say let’s give the guy another 40 years or so to mature.

“Trump in ’56!” anyone?

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30 Responses to Pastor Trump?

  1. Mitch, AMEN, AMEN & AMEN. It’s absolutely amazing how many politicians “find Jesus” when they are politicking. May I reblog this to my blog?

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  2. This won’t affect my vote, but I agree that we need to exercise care in choosing our poster children. Better yet, why not skip the exercise altogether and allow the gospel to stand on its own merits?

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  3. Lucie says:

    You always bring a smile to my face!!!! 😉

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  4. This is the BEST commentary I’ve seen on this yet. A loud Amen, Brother Mitch!

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  5. Thanks for injecting a little humor into this depressing campaign. Choosing a president can be like choosing between head cheese and blood sausage for lunch.

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  6. How many years did you take to mature….. wondering.

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    • mitchteemley says:

      Funny you should ask, Maggie. God recently gave me a new verse to recite every day: “Remember now the long way the LORD your God has led you these 40 years in the wilderness, in order to humble you.” (Deuteronomy 8:2)


      • I am cautious ….. Dobson said he was a baby Christian. I wonder what the church thought of Paul. Why indeed did God choose such an unsavory character – . I know in the conservative realms we want to think that all men should be polished, well spoken thus politically correct. I have known opinionated people that say outlandish things, yet that did not state who they were. Sometimes it is a challenge of culture, socio economic or ethnic differences. I listened to an interview by one of his classmates. He told the story of a man forced to go away to a boarding school. His first response was rebellion, so he failed. His father collected him and took him to another boarding school. This time he realized his desire to be at home was not going to happen, so he decided to be the best he could be at any endeavor. The classmate said that indeed he was. I found it interesting that he didnt decide to be better than others, rather he competed with himself. So many polished folks would not dare say what they think and feel, because after all they are better than the others. The Wilderness road is such a treat, I remember saying to God if this is the wilderness I dont know if I ever want to leave, He is so close. I am glad it is not a sprint and love the journey. Enjoy Mitch

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  7. oneta hayes says:

    It is absolutely amazing how this man gets dumped on! In the first place if the media did not think he would lose more votes than win, we would never have heard of his conversion. In no way would that draw more votes. We are in a culture that will avoid anything close to a real Christian getting more votes for that reason than a … you fill in the blank. I believe the hand of God is working in this situation. Problem is I do not know whether it is to bring us to our demise or give us more time. I do know we will get what we ask for. Psalm 106:15 he gave them what they asked for but gave them leanness to their souls. If there were ever a time when men called evil good and good evil, we are in it! I’m ready for a change and it will not come with Hillary. Our change with Obama just brought more sacrifice of our babies to the god of sexual freedom, and other like abominations to God. Ask yourself how many votes did this decision win Trump? He is a smarter man than that. He would gain more votes by promising to pay for someone’s birth control, or make tattoos tax deductible. 😀 I’ll watch to see if he does that tomorrow.

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  8. Roos Ruse says:

    Mitch Teemley for president! But then, you wouldn’t have time to blog. We’d have to survive on dribble from staffers. Millions would go on Prozac. An plot would develop to overthrow The Power of Story… Let’s scratch that idea.

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  9. churchmouse says:

    He was brought up a Presbyterian (for those who did not read the NYT article).

    His parents took him and his siblings to Marble Collegiate Church regularly.

    IIRC, Norman Vincent Peale conducted his first marriage (Ivana). Donald Trump held Peale in very high esteem and loved his sermons.

    Sometime afterwards, Trump let his religious beliefs lapse.

    Earlier this year Trump began holding short private prayer sessions with members of his team before undertaking some campaign engagements. Whether that continued during the rest of the primary season is unclear. Perhaps it has been ongoing.

    A lot of people think that Trump was never brought up in a Christian home. His mother was very concerned for her children’s religious welfare, the father less so, but he acceded to her wishes.

    So, regardless of what many people say or think, Trump is returning to the fold. He is not a newcomer, by any means.

    I will be writing at least one post on this in due course.

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  10. wzippler says:

    Brave post! There seems to be only two different ways people view Trump. They either come dangerously close to idol worshipers, or they struggle to even like the air he breathes. That man frightens me almost as bad as Hillary. No matter who wins we need to pray HARD for the winner, because only the wisdom of God can save us now!

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  11. emmalmoore says:

    I’m on team God. I’m not going to put God in a box. He say His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts aren’t our thoughts. I wasn’t there when Donald received Jesus as his savior so I don’t dare speak on whether I think he’s for real or not. Since it’s said he’s saved then God can use him to do whatever He needs hm to do. If He can make a donkey talk ……. Let’s give God a chance and not release curse words on the situation. Blessings.

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  12. Hi mitchteemley. I honestly would not believe a word the media told me! Thank you so much for liking my poem “Tone!” Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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  13. Messenger At The Crossroads says:

    Well, at least he’s shakin’ up the status quo and the system… If God could speak through Balaam’s ass, could be one of the sounds of the “last Trump” … Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. Much appreciated.

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  14. smzang says:

    I’m not usually a pessimist, but I don’t think even 40 years will help.
    I think there is much truth in the comment made by one of your readers:
    “No matter who wins we need to pray HARD for the winner”
    It takes more than a devious mind and a loud mouth to make a good leader.
    Some misguided people seem to think that ‘separation of church and state’
    means separating political actions from heart and soul. I will not judge whether
    Mr. Trump had a true revelation, but I believe if he used his soul to barter for votes
    he has an awful judgment waiting for him.

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    • When considering that Trump is the ONLY candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton, are you willing to let a woman who isn’t in tune with God’s views to be in the White House? Hillary is not a phony; she is a socialist. Better to have a capitalist phony Christian than a true blue socialist. I am weary of the lesser of two evils coming up, but that’s what our system grooms when all they do is smear campaigns. Check out a book Called “The DC Squares: How Voters can Win the Presidential Election” on Amazon by Greg Daniels and John Cockroft. Very enlightening stuff that isn’t being said anywhere else!


  15. Time will not solve the 2016 election. While your humor is noted, and for a blog, it’s witty, we all have to realize if we who normally vote Republican abstain, or vote a third party, our vote is cast in the direction of helping Hillary Clinton. For example, if 10 people who vote Republican are in a room and 10 people who vote Democrat are in a room, and 9 of the Republicans vote for Trump and one votes for a third party or abstains, Hillary gets her 10 Dem votes and Trump gets 9. We essentially elect a woman who doesn’t hold any values at all.


  16. jonestownbreakdown says:

    Trump is a maniac and the Democrats are to blame:


  17. kerbey says:

    The lack of humility is my biggest problem with him and my biggest suspicion regarding his faith. Of course you can’t win an election by being humble. But the bragging and patting himself on the back is enough to make me shake my head. Enough to make me vote for Hillary? No.

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