Wonder Dead?

Wonder Dead

Four years ago the old Hostess company filed for bankruptcy. But even the preservatives they put in their snacks couldn’t keep them alive. By that November they’d fallen with the last of the autumn leaves. So I scribbled the above cartoon tribute to the company that reinvented bread as a variation on the marshmallow. After all, like every American under 70, I’d grown up with Wonder Bread, Cupcakes, and Snowballs. But my generation was also the first to suddenly shout, “Wait, this isn’t food, it’s plastic!”

Too late, I fear. By now, humans had acquired a taste for plastic. And when, exactly three years ago this week, a resurrected Hostess Brands began baking manufacturing Twinkies again, people bought. So–with mixed feelings–here’s to the snack that lasts far longer than those who consume it.

“The Twinkie is dead. Long live the Twinkie!”


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10 Responses to Wonder Dead?

  1. Hard to believe I used to relish eating that nasty stuff. Is the man on the altar symbolic of the health risks?

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  2. I heard the first twinkies had banana filling

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  3. Now this is clever! I like it, the guy on the alter is great.

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  4. You draw beautifully and brilliantly 🙂 Recently there has a new snack Suzy Q’s

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  5. Paula says:

    Nicely done. Do you mean to represent Hostess Twinkies as something long-lasting as Stonehenge? I agree with the others: the fella on the altar is a nice touch.
    Hostess also had a “twin” to the Twinkie called Raspberry Zinger. Pink with raspberry filling and coconut on the outside. Once my husband discovered them, he wanted one in his lunch every day.
    (By the way, as a person under the age of 70, I smirked.)

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  6. Daramemon says:

    Twinkle t little stars


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